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Cas Series

S16 E21

S16 E21 (26 Jan 02) : Only the Lonely by David Lane

Episode Summary

An authorative Max arrives for his first shift back since he was suspended and takes no prisoners – telling off staff for being unprofessional. Jan tries to build bridges between them but receives a frosty reception. Duffy arrives in late, and is then called away when her babysitting mother calls in unwell. Duffy tries to flag a taxi outside – but hairdresser, Viv, pushes her aside and takes the taxi. Taxi driver, Malcolm, turns out to be a fake and drives her to a disused warehouse, and tries to attack her – she fights back by stabbing him in the chest. Viv is brought in distressed, and the paramedics later pick up Malcolm, after his car hits a wall. In A&E – Viv recognises him and Malcolm tries to escape. Duffy, forced to bring baby Paul into work, receives a warning from Jan but shouts back she had no choice, that the hospital should have a crèche and that the only reason she doesn’t do agency nursing is to loyalty of the staff. Max, has a go at her too, until she breaks down in tears – after thinking it could have been her on a hospital bed not Viv.

Since Chloe’s departure, Agency Nurse Melanie is brought in as a replacement. Anna is also left without a flat mate – Nikki decides to move in with her. Nikki tells Jack she has noticed a lump in his testicles and suggests he seeks doctor advice, he brushes it aside. She asks Comfort’s opinion, which angers Jack when he finds out Nikki has gone behind his back with personal matters.

Tim Woods is brought in, with a fractured femur, after falling from a roof. He has been having an affair with Emma. Her husband, James, is furious and as the paramedics take Tim away, kicks him in the back. In A&E, the staff find this has made his injuries worse by damaging his spine and he faces being wheelchair bound. In reception, James lashes out at Emma – she later tells him she’s leaving him.

Cricket coach, Andy Jennings, depressed by losing his job and having no money, tries to kill himself by poisoning himself with carbon monoxide in his car. One of his pupils, Mark, discovers him – and makes him realise his life’s worth living.

Lara teases Patrick about her meeting an old med school friend Peta, who was her ‘soul mate’ – Patrick acts jealous until he realises Peta is female! Outside A&E Lara and Patrick kiss. The staff gather at Anna’s flat to welcome Nikki as her new flat mate – Jack tries to put on a brave face, but is hiding his medical fears.


* Tim Woods – fractured right femur after falling from roof and spinal injuries.

* Andy Jennings – attempted suicide from carbon monoxide poisoning.

* Viv Thomas – attacked by taxi driver, head injuries.

* Malcolm Christy – taxi driver, crashes car and also a stab wound to chest.

First Scene/ words

Patrick arrives in car – Max pulls up beside him;

Max : What you doing in my space?

Patrick : Didn’t think you’d be needing it

Max : You’d have loved that!

Patrick : You’re the one who wasn’t sure they were coming back! New car?

Max : No, it’s an old one. You moving?

Last Scene/ words

In Nikki & Anna’s flat;

Tony : You alright?

Jack : Yeah yeah I’m fine man

Tony : You seem a bit down in the dumps, thought you’d be loving it now Nikki’s got a new love pad. Sure you’re alright?

Jack : I’m fine! Yeah I’m alright lad, you know me I’m sound!

Tony : Alright

(Jack & Nikki look like they have the lump worry on their minds)

Notable Facts

* Toby Sawyer plays Tim Wood.

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