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Cas Series

S16 E23

S16 E23 (9 Feb 02) : Acceptance by David Joss Buckley

Episode Summary

Two teenagers run amok in the department, mooning at the staff. Lara treats Solicitor Mr Evvans who has broken his wrist in a squash match. He bizarrely requests for his other arm to put in plaster – as he likes things to be balanced. Just as he is being moved, one of the youths, Scott, runs into him – injuring his other arm anyway. Max has a go at Scott and finds out his father, Alan Greening, works in the hospital. When Alan speaks to Mr Evvans, he understand his ‘balance’ problem as he suffers the same condition.

Jack goes to see a neurologist, Mr Frey, who tells him there is a strong risk of cancer and his testicle must be removed immediately. Jack refuses treatment and walks out. During the shift, after telling his friends he was given the all clear, he angrily shouts at Patrick, Duffy and girlfriend Nikki. Club owner Neil comes in with his DJ friend Curtis who has suffered a brain hemorrhage and is sent to ITU. Neil learns Jack is a DJ and asks him to cover for Curtis at his gay club. Before he goes, he pops in on his grandmother and tells him the truth about his cancer – she tries to make him see sense but he shouts back and leaves. She rings his brother Tony. At the club, a fight erupts and Neil is stabbed in the arm with a glass bottle. The club is cleared and Tony and Jack battle to save him till the ambulance arrives. Outside the club, Tony reveals to Jack that their mother died of cancer when Jack was young – not an accident as he was told, and tells him he mustn’t ignore the problem. Jack rings back Mr Frey and books the operation.

Meanwhile, Patrick and Lara have been flirting all shift, and to celebrate his Consultancy post in London, book an expensive restaurant for the evening. Patrick is annoyed when Lara stands him up and as he is about to leave, notices a bra on his windscreen with a note saying ‘Why don’t you see if you can find the other half’. Patrick goes behind the hotel to find an indoor swimming pool – with the knickers on the door handle. He meets Lara inside for dinner, and they find they both had the same idea – with a hotel door key.


* Mr Evvans – breaks his wrist after squash match, then as he is to leave he manages to break his other arm.

* Curtis Clifford – collapses in car from a brain hemorrhage, sent to ITU.

* Neil Johnson – cut to hand from glass bottle.

First Scene/ words

Jack in Neurologist Dr Frey’s surgery;

Jack : You know we actually had one of these robbed before, made me laugh when you see people wandering around the hospital like giant dishcloths with their bums hanging out.

Dr Frey : You haven’t had actually any discomfort at all?

Jack : No apart from my girlfriend Nikki – she’s the reason why I’m here.

Last Scene/ words

Jack on his mobile phone outside club;

Jack : Erm, message for Mr Frey, erm this is Jack Vincent, I came to see you today. Erm I just wanted to tell you that I’ve changed my mind and I’m ready whenever you are to do the operation OK. (turns phone off) That’s it then (Tony hugs him)

Notable Facts

* Kathleen Worth plays Jack’s grandmother.

* Tyler Butterworth plays Mr Evvans.

* The club is called ‘The Last Resort’.

* Jack Vincent is 23 years old.


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