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Cas Series

S16 E28

S16 E28 (16 Mar 02) : Past, Present, Future by Paul Cornell

Episode Summary

Patrick, about to view a property in London, tries to persuade Lara to join him down there. She refuses to leave her job in Holby for him.

A tired businessman driver crashes his car on a motorway, after falling asleep at the wheel. He wakes to find his work papers sprawled over the road and as he goes to pick them up – a minibus full of school children, and Patrick in his sports car, are all forced to swerve to avoid him. Patrick, gets out of his car and tries to deal with the minibus casualties. However, while in there, a petrol tanker crashes into them, causing them to fall down an embankment. Other vehicles are also caught up in the incident.

When the call is sent to Holby, Lara, who is unable to get through to Patrick on his mobile, begins to get concerned, and persuades Max to let her and Anna go out in a swift response car. Meanwhile, bikers Fin and Comfort are first on scene and try to assess the casualties. Fin decides to drive the tanker away from danger, and is deflated when Comfort doesn’t congratulate him on his bravery and the fire brigade tell him he took a dangerous risk.

As Lara and Anna arrive, Josh discovers Patrick’s crashed car. Patrick, meanwhile, is trying to calm down the children in the minibus. He manages to persuade shy girl, Kylie to climb out of the van for help. At the same time, Nikki discovers a lorry driver is carrying illegal immigrants in his vehicle. And when the team go over to rescue them, they also discover the crashed minibus.

The team try and rescue the passengers, and Lara rushes in to see Patrick, who is also trapped. She tells him she loves him, although eager to stay she is told to leave. As the minibus is getting increasingly unsafe, Patrick – the last trapped – tells the fire crew to leave if it gets too dangerous. As the team pull out, Lara looks on and fears the worst – however they manage to pull Patrick out just in time before the minibus explodes. Lara throws herself at Patrick in joy. Comfort and Fin also make up with a hug.

Patrick, who dismisses being checked over, heads straight to dinner with Lara. They both realise the importance of eachother, and although Lara agrees to go to London with him – Patrick tells him he’s going to stay in Holby. Patrick decides to try his proposal of marriage for the third time on bended knee – without hesitation Lara accepts. Patrick admits to feeling dizzy with emotion. Lara goes to the toilets to compose herself, however when she returns, she finds Patrick slumped on the table and he falls to the floor. She desperately starts CPR and screams hysterically for an ambulance.

Patrick is rushed into Resus, where Max takes over his care and is concerned he has suffered an inter-cranial bleed from the RTA. A shocked Lara stands in Reception, holding her engagement ring as the team desperately try and save Patrick’s life.


* Minibus with driver and children; Cuthbertson, Russell, Joe, Kenny, Kylie, Louise, Baldwin & Taggart. Driver dies.

* Many other injuries from RTA

First Scene/ words

Lara & Patrick in flat;

Lara : (doing make up) Thought you were going?

Patrick : Soon

Lara : When will you be back?

Patrick : Tomorrow day time. Staying at this hotel in Paddington, it’s got a fantastic bar

Lara : Nice

Last Scene/ words

The team take Patrick into Resus;

Lara : Max, Max, I have to help!

Max : Lara (he shakes his head, she goes) Right come and take over in CPR, another adrenalin please.. (Anna rushes through to Resus, seeing Lara on way)

Anna : What’s going on? What happened?

(Lara stands in Reception, holding the engagement ring, overwhelmed in complete shock)

Notable Facts

* Frankie Fitzgerald plays Russell Deacon.

Screencaps : S16 E28

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