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Cas Series

S16 E32

S16 E32 (13 Apr 02) : Waving Not Drowning by Edel Brosnan

Episode Summary

Holby Hospital reaches crisis point as the Norwalk virus hits; two wards are closed and Jan is fighting to keep A&E open against Charlie and Max’s wishes, with bad waiting queues and low staff numbers.

New and inexperienced Student Nurse Roxanne Bird arrives for her first shift, laid down with all her belongings after being chucked out of home, because of an argument with her mother. She already gets herself in trouble with Colette for wearing false red nails.

Mrs Maggie, the elderly lady who was brought in last episode, has contracted the Norwalk virus, and becomes the first fatality of the disease.

18 year old Martina, comes in with her sister Lucy, with sickness and abdomen pains. Lara diagnoses appendicitis but she is told she has to wait hours for treatment. Later her appendix ruptures, forcing an immediate operation.

Roxanne helps treat elderly cancer patient, Will Coogan, who comes in with his nurse wife, Lily. They are unable to get him a bed and he is moved from ward to ward, as they wait for their son, Matt, to arrive. When he does, Lily goes to meet him, as she does Roxanne discovers Will has died alone. Charlie decides to pretend he is still alive, but slipping away, so that the family can say their last goodbyes – however an angry Lily later tells Roxanne that because she was a nurse, she already knew he was dead.

David, who has just split up from his girlfriend, Helen, falls of his ladder while decorating. He has broken both his arms and sprained his leg, and manages to call 999. He discusses his relationship with paramedics Finn and Comfort, Finn makes him realise he has no-one to look after him with his injuries, so he decides to make up with Helen for the time being, just so she can help him. Comfort is disgusted.

An RTA victim, Gavin Ackroyd is brought down from ITU with serious injuries. His condition worsens in Resus and he dies.

Comfort tells Colette about her fling with Finn, and later tells Finn that she wants to end their affair, but he makes it hard for her to say no and they kiss outside. Claire comes to visit Simon, saying that his brother Stuart wants him to best man at her wedding – however they also kiss.

With the hospital full to the brim, Max makes the decision to close the department, leaving the paramedics to wait and treat incoming patients outside.

Mr Singh arrives with a dislocated knee after injuring himself during a treasure hunt. Simon puts it back in place in the ambulance. He also borrows his metal detector to treat a boy, Zack, who has swallowed a pound coin.

After doing a double shift, Dillon becomes increasingly unwell – has he the first stages of the Norwalk virus? Jan and a disgruntled Charlie send him home in a taxi, hoping he hasn’t caught it, so as not to close A&E. Charlie tells her she will be fired if he is found to have the disease, but Jan remarks back that they are in it together.

Episode Summary

* Mrs Maggie – dies after contracting Norwalk virus.

* Martina – appendicitis.

* Will Coogan – dies from cancer.

* David Taymor – breaks both arms and sprains foot after falling off ladder.

* Gavin Ackroyd – dies after and RTA

* Zack – boy who has swallowed coin.

* Mr Singh – dislocated knee

First Scene/ words

Jan is holding a press conference;

Jan : The situation…

Press : Will the virus be contained?… Surely this is affecting patient care?… You seem to have completely lost control..

Jan : The situation is serious, no-one’s denying that but please be fair.

Last Scene/ words

Jan and Charlie send Dillon home in a taxi;

Charlie : Don’t ever do this to me again, this is a cover up!

Jan : So you’d prefer to close a major hospital? I prefer to take this gamble

Charlie : With other people’s lives? If you’re wrong, you’re gonna get fired!

Jan : You shoved him in the taxi Charlie, we’re in this together (Jan walks away and Charlie sighs)

Notable Facts

* Shelley Conn plays Daljit

* Dillon lives at 10 Stone Street.

Screencaps : S16 E32

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