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Cas Series

S16 E37

S16 E37 (8 Jun 02) : Denial by Ann Marie di Mambro

Episode Summary

Since Max’s departure, tough new Consultant Harry Harper joins the team, in tow are two of his children, teenager Jordan and his baby Daisy, after his child minder was told to leave by his wife.

Duffy, on her way to her Mum’s to drop off baby Paul, before her shift, nearly runs over a confused pregnant woman, Melanie Collier. It is clear she has been raped, and Duffy brings her in. Lara and Duffy treat her, and Lara decides to call the police, ready incase she wishes to make a statement. When her police sergeant husband, David, turns up, he accuses Lara of breaching confidentiality and makes a complaint against her to Harry. Melanie later loses her unborn baby, and Lara breaks the news to David. He asks her about scarring of the bite marks made to her, but Lara becomes suspicious as she never told him about them. She confronts Melanie, who admits he raped her. Lara urges her to leave him and get help, but she refuses and Duffy accuses her of becoming too emotionally involved. David gets Melanie transferred to another hospital, and as Lara is leaving, he threatens her to look after herself.

Two women chase after a retired music teacher, James Meadle, accusing him of child molesting. One of them, Vicky, is hit by a car and suffers a broken ankle. James, an angina victim, suffers an attack at the roadside. In A&E, Charlie, an old pupil of James’ is shocked by the claims of abuse and asks Dillon to talk to him. James firmly denies the charges, but suffers another attack and dies. Charlie angrily blames the two women.

Anna and Nikki are becoming increasingly annoyed about Roxy’s boyfriend, Hakkan. While they are at work, Hak is stealing all of their belongings from the flat. However, he is injured when the fridge falls on to him. Comfort and a shocked Nikki arrive to collect him. Anna tells Roxy the news, and plan to give him an ear bashing – but he has fled the cubicle before they get a chance.

Finn tries to asks Colette how Comfort is, but she tells him to leave her alone. Lara and Simon both attend the Medical Registrar position interview. Lara hasn’t had the best of starts with Consultant Harry, so is dismayed.


* Melanie Collier – attacked and raped, loses her baby.

* Vicky – hit by car and breaks ankle

* James Meadle – angina victim, dies.

* Hakkan Tahsin – dislocates shoulders after fridge falls on him.

First Scene/ words

Girl : Daddy!

David : In a minute sweetheart.. (knocks on bedroom door) It’s me.. Melanie.. (finds room empty)

Last Scene/ words

Outside department, Lara gets into her car;

David : I love my wife

Lara : Then I saw what you can do to someone you love

David : Hey.. don’t forget to belt up. I wouldn’t want anything to happen to you (slams her car door)

Notable Facts

* Dorian Healy plays David Collier.

* Raza Jaffrey plays Hakkan Tahsin.

* Frankie Carson plays Jordan Harper.

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