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Cas Series

S16 E05

S16 E5 (13 Oct 01) : Bringing Up Baby by Dan Sefton

Episode Summary

A pregnant woman, Jane, is brought in after an RTA. She is heavily bleeding, and Lara takes the decision over Patrick to deliver her baby in Resus. Her husband, James, who is a midwife, is angry when he hears what happened as he knows it’s not standard practice, and talks to Charlie. Lara stands up for her decision, saying if she didn’t go ahead, they would both have died – Dillon also backs her up. She defends herself to James, and Dillon eventually persuades him not to take further action.

Babysitter, Claire, brings in baby, Harry. X-rays shows old bruises, and Patrick notices a rash which diagnose meningitis. Claire thinks she will be blamed, when she sees Patrick talking with Sergeant [ID 388]Rachel[/ID], and runs off with Harry. Spencer and Patrick later find her in the hospital kitchens, and Patrick persuades her to return the child. Chloe realises Claire cannot have harmed him, as this was the first time she had babysat for him and the bruises were old.

Amanda and her son, [ID 289]Ben[/ID] move in with Max. Max and Ben pick up their belongings in an old ambulance, and they have bonding time when the vehicle breaks down.

Duffy comes in with her new baby boy, Paul. She is miffed to find things are running smoothly, with Colette in her place. Charlie discusses his new job prospect with her.

Patrick has an interview for a Consultancy post, one of the panel is Max’s former colleague, Professor David Weinburg, who believes it’s ‘not what you say but what you don’t say’. Patrick falls foul when David questions him on how he relates with patients. In the staff room, Lara has champagne ready to celebrate, but Patrick receives a call saying he didn’t get the job on his lack of patient communication.


* Jane Middleton – 33 yr old woman, 38 weeks pregnant brought in after an RTA. Lara delivers a baby girl.

* Harry Nicholson – baby with old bruises and meningitis.

First Scene/ words

Patrick arrives, and enters staff room;

Patrick :(showing Lara his suit) What do you think? Is this a Consultant’s suit or what?

Lara : Yeah, it’s nice, cheap, but nice

Patrick : Yeah well appearances can be deceptive

Lara : Yeah well let’s hops so for your sake

Last Scene/ words

Patrick : Yeah well you don’t see the knife till the blood’s on the floor, again it’s not what you say..

Lara : Sorry?

Patrick : Doesn’t matter

Lara : Look, I’m sure if you just talk to Max, he’ll be able to clear up the whole thing

Patrick : Oh I’ll talk to him alright, take my advice – don’t be around when I do

Notable Facts

* Max worked at St Philips with Professor Weinburg

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