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Cas Series

S16 E06

S16 E6 (20 Oct 01) : White Lies by Peter Mills

Episode Summary

Patrick is in a bad mood after losing out on the Consultancy post – Max tells him he needs to grow up and manage people better before he can be a good Consultant. Max loses £50 from his wallet and accuses Amanda’s son Ben of stealing the money, though at the end of shift, it is returned to him by Colette who says he dropped it the previous day.

A racing car driver, Johnny Shields, is brought in after his car goes into a tree. Lara believes he is displaying the symptoms of a condition known as RSD, though Patrick dismisses it. Lara later discovers, Johnny was faking all the symptoms because he didn’t want to race anymore but felt he had to because of his father.

A teenage girl, Jess, is thrown out of a car, outside A&E, after suffering a heroin overdose. Max befriends her, telling her about his son. Jess tells him she is upset over the death of her father. Her mother, Helen, arrives and wants her put in to care. An angry Colette shouts at her because of her uncaring attitude. Jess, later fits again, when it is discovered she has also taken antidepressants.

Two men in a pantomime horse arrive, pleading with Anna to give them plasters for their feet, so they can finish the charity run. After Anna’s shift, one of the men comes to thank her, giving her their trophy cup and also his phone number.

Jack and his friend in a wheelchair do a scam to gain extra money, by calling the clampers every time someone uses the disabled car parking space.

Josh faces the inquest into Danny Oldfield’s death. Danny’s sister, Lynn tells everyone what a great brother he was. Fin, Nikki and Josh all provide evidence. Fin, who tells Comfort beforehand, that he is worried about what to say, stands by Josh and tells them that when he said ‘easy’ at the lights, he meant Josh could make it through them. A guilty Josh confesses that he made a mistake and feels to blame for the incident. A verdict of ‘Accidental Death’ is brought, Lynn warns Josh it won’t be the end of the matter. Josh tells boss Jeff McGuire, that he can no longer do his job and resigns.

Episode Summary

* Johnny Shields – drives his facing car into a tree, head injuries. Also fakes symptoms of RSD.

* Jess Parry – teenage girl, heroin and antidepressant overdose.

* Two men in pantomime horse fancy dress wanting plasters for their feet.

First Scene/ words

Josh is having flashbacks; see Danny lying on cubicle trolley

Nikki : Slow down!

Josh : Red light Fin, what do you think?

Finn : Easy Josh.. Josh!

Nikki : Josh!

Flashbacks of crash, then shows Danny sitting up and shouting at Josh

Last Scene/ words

Josh : (to Jeff McGuire) How do you think that makes me feel eh? Proud? If I can’t wear my uniform with pride, I don’t want to wear it at all. I killed someone, that’s it. There’s no way back for me.. I resign. (walks away, the other paramedics look shocked)

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