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HC Past Series

17.12 Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot – 30/12/14


‘Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot’ : Dominic has returned early from his trip to LA and when Ric summons him to his office, it’s clear that he botched things in the States. Ric warns Dominic that he needs to start living up to his potential or choose another line of work.

Dominic’s misery is compounded by the news that Malick is getting married. His struggle to handle this spectre from his past is further challenged by the arrival of Nathan – Malick’s fiancé – as a patient. Keen to keep Kyle from discovering that he lied about Malick’s death, Dominic takes charge of Nathan’s care. However, when the pair become trapped in the lift and Nathan’s condition begins to deteriorate, Dominic must prove his mettle.

Meanwhile, Mo is determined to put on a brave face when she realises that Adele is taking Jesse to a family wedding and decides to find her own date. Realising there is no-one else quite like Mr T, she disappoints him by inviting him to the wedding as a friend.

Elsewhere, Harry helps Raf out by working hard and clearing AAU of patients by the end of the shift so they can all go for a drink together. He gets his reward in the form of Mary-Claire.

Written by Tony Higgins

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