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Cas Series

S17 E28

S17 E28 (22 Mar 03) : A Hard Day’s Night by Robert Scott Fraser

Episode Summary

Nikki and Comfort receive a call to a rough estate and arrive to see a mob dispersing and an injured boy (Rolo) on the floor with a scared girl trying to help him. They got o his aid but are bombarded with rocks and glass thrown by racists. The retreat back to the ambulance for some back up by means of the police.

Roxy and Dillon are talking while doing paper work. He asks her what she is up to that evening she says she’s working and he goes off to find someone else to go out with that night. He goes over to Lara and asks her if she wants to go. She tells him that she’s up for it as Selena enters. Lara then makes it pretty clear that she is not wanted in the department.

Meanwhile, Harry is at home. He has a go at Tally and Izzy and then makes a thoughtless comment about his late wife which causes Izzy to run upstairs to her room and make Harry even angrier.

Back at the shout, Nikki says that they should be out there helping. But the gang of racists have come down form the balcony now and surround Rolo. Julie franticly tries to move him before they can do any more damage. Nikki and Comfort see this and rush out to stop her and help because if he has a neck injury it would make it worse. When they get to his aid another gang of black guys come up behind them and chase after the racist white guys.

At the same time this is happening, Simon is skiving off to see girlfriend Jane up in the wards. She asks him if he could be I the operating theatre with her. He goes to see what he can do. After persuading her surgeon that it’s a good idea for him to be in there he goes to tell Jane the good news. She is ecstatic to know this. But then tells Simon that if the operation goes wrong, she wants him to walk away and leave her. He doesn’t want to accept this but she blackmails him saying she wont have the operation at all if he doesn’t promise.

Ronald Brian has at last been bought in. He is immediately taken to resus and Lara takes over. Comfort informs her of how Rolo came to be there. When Julie is lead out to the waiting room Lara and Colette start to bitch about Celina. While Colette is searching to find any proper identification on Rolo she finds a engagement ring. At that minute Julie comes back in asking how he is, Lara says he will be fine and only has a few cracked ribs and a collapsed lung.

Nikki goes up to the wards to visit Tony. She gives him the batteries that he asked for and they get talking about Jack. She says that he phoned her again. Tony looks a bit miffed and admits that he hasn’t herd from Jack yet. Nikki gets annoyed and says that Jacks a selfish git.

Eventually, Harry goes upstairs to console Izzy. He tells her that he is sorry and says that he misses her mum as well. Tally comes in at this time and starts to wind Harry up again, He has a go at her as well and then he storms out. Harry then goes and phones Jan Anderson to see if he can go into work to talk things over. She says he can and he sets off.

Josh is called out to an injured man in a park. He is surrounded by the black gang who scared him and the rest of the white mob off earlier. The ring leader of the black gang wont let Josh near him as he is white. Fortunately Fin comes to assist him and puts the ring leader of the black guys in his place. They then help the wounded guy in t the back of the ambulance and take him to Holby A&E department.Simon returns from the wards and tells him that Dr. Henna is in with his son. He thinks he may have malaria. Simon asks if he is the guy that refers all his patients to the A&E department and Roxy tells him that it is.

Merlin is taken along when Simon goes to asses the boy (Toby). Simon tells Merlin to do some bloods and then he disappears back up to the wards so he can be in the operating theatre with Jane.

Roxy enters resus and asks Lara to go through to cubicles. She asks where Simon is and Roxy says she doesn’t know. Selena is also in resus and says she can keep her eye on things there so that Lara could go through to cubicles as requested.

Julie is asked if she would like to go back into resus as Rolo is now awake and talking. She says she wants to and sits to talk to him. Julie tells him that he should press charges against her brother, Ed, But Rolo refuses to. Instead he says that when he is better they should go away somewhere together.

Merlin is in the cubicles and is called in by Toby. He goes to him only to be told that he lied about the anti-malarial tablets and that he was diagnosed with SVT in Tanzania. The boy says he doesn’t want his dad told and Merlin complies with his wishes.

Simon is now in the operating theatre watching Jane’s operation take place. He looks quite scared and sick as he stands well back in the corner of the room. The surgeon calls for him to come closer to see what he is doing. As he starts to drill into the bone of the skull Simons bleeper goes off and he has to go back down to the department.Toby meanwhile, is in a lot of pain and his dad, being a GP, tries to do something about it. He gives him two beta-blockers to help relax him. Simon arrives back down to find Roxy who tells him he is needed with Toby Henna. By this time Toby has calmed down. But when Simon gets into the cubicle to ask what happened Dr. Henna says that its all OK now as he gave his son a beta-blocker. Simon goes berserk after hearing this and has a go at him, he then storms out into reception.

Bex finds Lara to give her some notes and tells her that she has just seen Harry. Also that Tally called her and wanted to talk. Lara goes straight up to see how Harry is doing. She comforts him and he tells her that he will be back to work next week. Lara asks him if he thinks that is wise as Tally has called her saying that he isn’t coping well and he blames her. As she leaves, Selena goes up to see Harry. He politely tells her he doesn’t want to see her so he leaves.

Merlin checks up on Toby to find that he has become extremely bradicardic. They rush him into resus where Merlin informs Lara of what has been prescribed and diagnosed. He says something about the SVT and Dr. Henna twigs what is wrong with him and immediately tells them that he gave his son some beta-blockers. Lara gets to work trying to help save Toby.

Simon has gone straight back up to the operating room to be with Jane once again. While he is there, there’s a small complication with the op. Simon take this news badly and panics leading to him running out. Jane’s surgeon comes out after completing the op and asks Simon what the hell he was up to. He told him that Jane is his girlfriend, hearing this the surgeon is outraged and says he will be filing a complaint to Harry about this incident.

Back in resus, Dr. Henna is demanding to speak to a consultant on how his son could be treated so bad. Celina steps in and says she will speak to him. As she tells Dr. Henna to step outside she whispers to Lara to get Harry down here to talk to him. Merlin gets him and informs him on what is happening. Harry attempts to calm him down, but has no luck. Merlin interrupts saying that Toby would like to speak to his dad. He goes in only to be told by Toby that he doesn’t want a fuss.

Julie (Rolo’s girlfriend) finds her dad in the reception of the department ad tells him what her brother, Ed, did to her boyfriend. He then goes to see his son, Ed, who automatically says he didn’t do it. But is surprised when his dad said he wouldn’t have minded if he did. Later Julie goes to see the both of them in the cubicles, she tells them that she is going to report them to thepolice. Her dad tries to calm her down and says this can all be worked out as Ed is going to apologize to her and Rolo. Ed however says he wont and tells Julie the truth about her dad, that he was the one that got Rolo beaten up. There’s a small fight in which Colette gets hit in the stomach and falls to the floor.

Tony is sleeping as a familiar looking man awakens him. Jack has come back to help his brother. He wants to donate his kidney to him and says he will risk arrest to do it.

After being hit in the stomach Colette is in the staff room with Comfort. Colette insists that she is just winded as Josh comes in to see how she is doing. He says he just wants to hold her, she replies with: ‘I wish you would.’ They hug and Colette tells Josh that she is pregnant. He’s ecstatic but she doesn’t seem to be. Josh then says that he’ll get things fixed up ready for her t come back home. But she says that a baby isn’t a quick fix for there marriage and that she isn’t moving back in.

Dillon, Nikki, Lara, Bex, Anna and Merlin are all out together for a meal at the restaurant where Roxy works. The order as receive there rinks as Bex spots Roxy, Dillon is up for a laugh and does an inappropriate action which causes Roxy to resign. She tells him that this was how she paid to look after Nicole and also not to come back to her flat tonight as he is dumped.

Simon has been called to see Harry in his office. Harry has a go at him for not checking Toby Hennas notes. Then he goes onto the fact that Simon was not even in the department when it happens. Jane’s surgeon turns up at this point and there is a heated discussion about where Simon actually was. Harry dismisses him with no further actions.Anna, Merlin and Nikki arrive back at there flat after there meal. Merlin and Anna go up to bed and Nikki does likewise. She sits near her shelves looking at a picture of Jack. Then a voice comes from the other room. Jack appears out of her bathroom and Nikki is overwhelmed with happiness but mostly hatred. After hitting him where the sun don’t shine Jack asks if he can stay there the night. Nikki agrees but says she will get a blanket for him to sleep on the floor with.

Harry is still at work laying on his couch when his telephone rings. It goes onto his answer machine, it’s Tally and she wants to know where he is…


* Ronald Brian, 21, beaten up and bought in by paramedics. Diagnosed with several racked ribs and a collapsed lung.

* Toby Henna, suspected malaria. Later revealed he was diagnosed with SVT ( super ventricular tacicadier) and currently has a minor infection which was treated.

* Ed, bought in by Paramedics after being beaten up. Had 4 stitches in his head.

First Scene/words

*Nikki and comfort are already on their shift and have been called out to a rough estate. There is an injured boy who’s ‘friend is trying to help him. He is being beaten up and has bricks and bottles thrown at him.*

Comfort: Hi I’m comfort and this is Nikki… Who have we got here then?

Girl: Rolo, Ronald Brian….

Nikki: OK what happened?

Girl: Someone beat him up

Comfort: *Takes Rolo’s shoulders* OK Rolo can you hear me?

Girl: *push’s Comfort away* No! Your hurting him!

Nikki: *Takes girls hand* Look, what’s your name?

Girl: Julie

Nikki: OK Julie Comfort here is trying to help him, honest!

Comfort: We’ll need a collar and spinal board Nikki.

Nikki: OK, just going to get them…

Last Scene/words

*In Harry’s office, Harry is lying down on his couch when the phone rings. It goes onto his answer phone…*

Tally: Dad, Dad? Where are you dad?

Review by Laura H.

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