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Cas Series

S18 E16

S18 E16 (20 Dec 03) : Eat Drink and Be Merry by Jason Sutton

Episode Summary

Despite the fairytale magic of snowy Lapland, Charlie is struggling to enjoy himself. He is already packing his bags, when Baz realises what he is doing and stops him from going back home. Instead she convinces him to stay and to come outdoors with them to watch Santa, who is coming to visit them in a sleigh pulled by a reindeer. Dan, too, is clearly uncomfortable, acting macho and getting competitive in a playful snowball fight and skidoo race. But when Dan pulls a reckless stunt, he crashes and becomes trapped under the ski-mobile. There is no reception, so Baz and Louis have to go for help, leaving Charlie and Dan on their own in the middle of the cold wilderness. They eventually decide to try to lift the ski-mobile with the help of a little branch, but instead of freeing Dan’s legs it falls down on top of his legs again, this once puncturing an artery, leaving Dan lying in the cold snow, bleeding. Charlie has to think fast; he stems the bleeding from Dan’s leg and warms him with his own body heat when he gets too cold. During this awkward, close moment, Charlie admits he’s still in love with Baz. After a while Baz comes back with a couple of Swedish paramedics, who take him to hospital. Baz returns to the house they are staying in and says that Dan got quickly taken into surgery, because apparently there are not many patients around here – apart from tourists that get into trouble. She also reveals that she admitted to Dan that she has still to feelings towards Charlie and that they ended up in a row. She feels guilty about doing that while Dan was lying in hospital with broken ribs and an injured leg as well as about the fact that she, when they came back and saw the blood on the snow, thought that Charlie was hurt and that she was worrying about him, not about Dan. Later Charlie and Baz go outdoors and make snow angels and share a passionate embrace under the beautiful northern lights.

Back at Holby, Comfort is feeling bleak with Christmas looming and has no reason to celebrate. Fin cannot bear to see her so despondent and comes up with a plan to cheer her up. He ends up singing to her in reception, with a man that is waiting playing the guitar in the background. At the end of the song he mouths to her that he loves her, while everyone in reception is applauding.

When Nikki comes into work Jim gives her a gift. The huge chocolate box, however, proves to be a present from Andy, who according to Jim wants to apologise for ruining their weekend away. Jim invites her to spend Christmas Day with him and his family, but she turns the offer down, claiming that she has to work. Jim gets Comfort to agree to cover for Nikki, but also finds out that Nikki is not even supposed to work on Christmas Day. He tells Nikki about this and she admits that she does not want to spend Christmas with his ex-wife and they agree to spend next Christmas together instead.

Bex is feeling considerably better, even though she gets worried when an old diabetic man is brought in. A hungover Claire, on the other hand, is not having her best day. She ends up administering the wrong drugs to a patient when Harry messes up the notes and she feels that she unfairly gets all the blame for it. Fortunately no harm is done to the 15-year-old Toby Borodin that got the wrong drugs and his father says that he will not sue the hospital. Later the father gets annoyed when Abs comes to talk to him about the fact that his son has been admitted four times in a month after drinking too much. The father thinks there is nothing strange in that and he feels that Abs is accusing him of being a bad parent.

It is, overall, a pretty calm day in the department. There are not too many patients. There is a woman that has suffering from an MI and was saved mainly because her boss was able to give her CPR before the ambulance came to get her, there is Kate, a 9-year-old that has fallen 15 feet when being together with her friend and even though she arrests she seems to recover from it and then there is a young man called John that is waiting in reception with his friend. They both seem to fancy Lara and, much to her amusement, they end up duelling over her – with two crutches. One of them asks Lara when she finishes her shift, asking her out for a drink afterwards. When she explains that will be in 18 hours he says that he will be waiting.

Roxy’s baby kicks for the first time. The parents come in to see her, but the mother does not want to check what it is like when the baby moves. Roxy asks her what is wrong and she says that she saw the look on Roxy’s face when it moved; Roxy will surely never want to give it up and, anyway, it will never truly be her baby. Roxy manages to convince her that she does not to keep the baby – one is enough – and that she is smiling only because she is happy that the baby is alright.


A 34-year-old woman, suddenly collapsed, suffering from an MI

Toby Borodin, drunken teenager that gets given the wrong drugs

An unstable diabetic whose drugs accidentally are given to Toby Borodin

Kate, a nine-year-old girl, has fallen 15 feet

First Scene/words

[Nikki and Luke bring in a patient]

Jim: Hey hey, what are you up to, gorgeous?

Luke: Thanks, not too bad. Yourself?

Nikki: Hello.

Jim: Got you a present.

Nikki: Me, why?

[Jim starts taking a huge chocolate box out of a bag]

Luke: Well, I’ll get Mrs Miller booked in…

Last Scene/words

[Baz and Charlie kiss each other]

Notable Facts

Fin sings Al Green’s ‘Let’s Stay Together’

The Lapland parts were filmed on location in northernmost Sweden.

Screencaps : S18 E16

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