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Cas Series

S18 E17

S18 E17 (27 Dec 03) : I Got it Bad and Ain’t that Good by Robert Scott-Fraser

Episode Summary

A young soldier, Darrell Keaner, is brought in after starting to fit. Twofriends of his from the army come in with him, but they both are obviouslytrying to hide something, especially about what has happened to Darrell. Thesoldier’s heavy-handed senior officer, Dale, lies about vital medical detailsto cover up the fact that he gave him drugs, because he does not want theircareers to be ruined. Eventually they discover that he is suffering from aserious head injury, but the fact that they found amphetamine in his blood washiding that. However, it is too late and Darrell cannot be saved. Luke feelsresponsible for overlooking his head injury, even though it was not his faultthat the friends had not told him about a fall Darrell had had. Dale’snonchalance winds him up further, but when he joins Lara for a drink, shemanages to put a smile back on his face. When Lara says that she has to leaveLuke says he will walk her home, explaining that he might not want to leaveher just yet. On the way they end up kissing each other – in the hospital carpark under the watching eye of one of Holby’s security cameras.

Baz drives Charlie into work and they are obviously in love once again.They kiss each other in the car before Charlie walks into work and when hegets there he is obviously in a good mood, whistling to himself. Josh asks himwhat is going on and says that they have to tell Dan, because he knows fromexperience what it is like to be cheated on. Back home Baz tries to avoidbeing anywhere close to Dan. Kenneth notices this and asks her if something isgoing on between Charlie and her, saying that he knows her well enough to seewhat is happening. She decides to tell Dan the truth about her and Charlie,and admits that they slept together. In a rage, he charges into the hospitaland punches Charlie in front of everyone. After checking that Charlie, whoonly seems to have cut his lip, is alright Baz storms out after Dan. Dan saysthat they have been married for three months and asks if that does not meananything to her. She says that the spark between her and Charlie just neverwent away, but Dan says it obviously must have since she left him. Dan thenasks what she wants him to do and if he should just disappear. When Baz doesnot answer, he drives away, disappointed.

It is Nikki’s hen night and the girls dress up as characters from themovies. Charlie instructs his “angels” to give Nikki a memorable send-off, andeveryone lets their hair down. But when the girls end up in the same place asJim’s wild stag do, Andy declares his love for Nikki. She confides in Claire,admitting that she does feel something for him – even though she loves Jim.Claire wonders what she is up to and Nikki seems not to know, but she saysthat being with Andy is much more exciting and that he reminds her of Jack ina way.

Back at the hospital, a mother, Carla Fallen, is brought in after fallingover when being drunk. She has been home alone with her two young children,who also phoned the ambulance. Their father comes in and is about to take thechildren home to stay with him and his new girlfriend, away from the mother,who seems to only have got that drunk because he left them the night before.Abs is on a mission to reunite two children with their mother, afterdiscovering that her husband is not the caring father he first appeared andthat he only wants to take the children away from their mother permanently.Abs and Charlie manage to get it arranged so that the children can meet herand he cannot take them with him behind her back. Abs says that she shouldreally stay in hospital for a couple of days, but discreetly hints that as agrown up she has got a right to discharge herself, which she does. The fatheris disappointed and tells Charlie that he wants to complain about them to themanager – and is not amused to find out that the complaint will go to him.

Wayne Miller is a middle aged man that is brought in after having been in asingle car RTA. He does not seem to be seriously hurt, but he tells Abs thathe cannot remember anything. When Abs for example phones his wife he gets toldthat they have not been married for a couple of years. After a while twopolice officers come to his cubicle and say that they are gonna arrest him forhaving 37 unpaid parking fees and for not showing up in court. Abs explains tothem that Wayne could impossibly have turned up because he will not haveremembered that he was supposed to be there and that he is ill.


– Wayne Miller, a man that cannot remember anything, has been in an RTA

– Darrell Keaner, fits, speed, army

– Carla Fallen, has hit head at the fire place when getting drunk at home

– Phil Teasdale, a cut in his backside after getting hit by his girlfriendwith a frying pan

First Scene/words

[Charlie and Baz are in the hospital car park, kissing each other.]

Charlie: I don’t wanna get out…

Baz: So don’t.

Charlie: I need the rest! Can I ask you something?

Baz: I need some time.

[They kiss again and Charlie starts getting out of the car.]

Baz: Go and save lives, Charlie Fairhead. I’ll call you.

Last Scene/words

Andy: You’re such a traditional girl.

Nikki: Yeah, that’s right, I am.

Jim: Then I shall see you.

[Jim and Andy leave.]

Claire: You alright?

Nikki: What am I gonna do?

Screencaps : S18 E17

Guide by Karin.

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