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Cas Series

S18 E03

S18 E3 (20 Sep 03) : Breathe Deeply by Chris Ould

Episode Summary

Anna is seriously injured and Merlin keeps a vigil at her bedside. Though the doctors initially think her condition is improving she begins to deteriorate. Nikki passes on the news that Anna is dying and Merlin is torn at Anna’s request not to be put on a life-support machine.

Roxy and others say their goodbyes and Merlin is by Anna’s bedside as her monitor signals the end. When the staff gather to be given the news, new nurse Claire’s boyfriend, Keith, bursts in with a colourful and ill-timed proposal of marriage.

Roxy is attacked by a patient she has befriended and when he starts to strangle her, she shouts out that she’s pregnant. Tess insists that a full-time psychiatric nurse would help prevent future attacks on staff.

Comfort is feeling depressed and rejects Fin’s offer of help. She is suffering from flashbacks from the train crash and Fin is reluctant to tell her of the memorial service that Father Frank is holding.

Harry discusses coming of the anti-depressants he started taking after his wife’s death, as he feels they have become an emotional crutch. But his doctor is not convinced and only agrees to reduce the dosage.

Mike arrives at the hospital to tell Tess that he has been suspended from his job because some of his team died due to a decision he had made. And Nikki goes to visit Paul, who lost both his parents in the crash, and is warned by Jim not to get too emotionally attached.

Notable Facts

* Maggie McCarthy plays Maureen Charlesworth.

Screencaps : S18 E3

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