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Cas Series

S18 E06

S18 E6 (11 Oct 03) : Against Protocol by Edel Brosnan

Episode Summary

Manic patient Sarah Jennings causes disruption and Tess gets impatient. Abs detects a cry for help, however, and invests time in calming her down. But he later doubts his competence when she overdoses on lithium tablets and ends up in intensive care.

When Josh learns that Colette has moved on, he and Charlie go AWOL for the afternoon. Friends for 16 years, the two reminisce over a pint and Josh tries his hand at karaoke.

Nikki suggests that the staff take part in a nude calendar for the train disaster fund. She and Jim decide to meet up after work to discuss the plan.

Simon works out that the flirty messages he’s received are from Tally. Tantalised by her provocative outfit and bold advances, he lures her into Harry’s office.

Elsewhere, Lara persuades Harry to join her in enjoying the bottle of red wine he gave her and the pair wind down together in mutual admiration.

Screencaps : S18 E6

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CASUALTY PREVIOUS APPEARANCE : S18 E6 ‘Against Protocol’ CHARACTER : Sarah Jennings STORYLINE : Manic patient Sarah Jennings causes disruption and Tess gets impatient....

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