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Cas Series

S19 E24

S19 E24 (19 Feb 05) : Hoping, Wishing, Longing by Julie Blackie

Episode Summary

Bex decides to go to the Valentines Ball with Claire to take her mind off Pete. They are having fun until Bex bumps into Pete there – with another woman. Claire chides Pete for the way he treated Bex but he says that they were only dating and were not serious. Bex gets increasingly drunk and sends Pete annoying text messages until he switches his phone off. She saunters over and demands to know why his mobile is off. The girl he is with assumes the worst and throws her drink over him before storming off. When they leave the club Pete offers to walk Bex home whilst Claire waits for a taxi. When they get to her house, Pete asks to come in but Bex refuses. He insists, saying she has been leading him on all night. She is shocked, saying she is not interested and was simply teaching him a lesson. She goes to slam the door in his face but he forces his way in. He pushes her up against the wall and rapes her.

Abs goes to see [ID 1347]Sam[/ID] at his house, he is clearly deluded and is hearing voices. Abs tries to tell Tess but she is in denial – believing he is acting like a normal teenager.

Guppy’s Dad continues to belittle him. Guppy stands up for himself and tells him that he is arrogant.

Harry demands that there be a full investigation into Ellen’s behaviour last week, Charlie tells him that Tess is looking after the situation. Ellen begs Abs to tell her what he said to immigration. He says that he did not speak to them but it does not matter because during the investigation they will find out she does not have a Visa and she has been working illegally. Tess speaks to Ellen, she tells her she will get a verbal warning. Ellen tells Tess she thinks her work permit has run out. Tess says the HR manager is her friend and she will see what she can do for Ellen. Abs cannot believe that Ellen has not been sacked but says they she will get what is coming to her once HR speaks to immigration.

A man, Gareth, is working on his own at his father’s garage, when he becomes trapped between the car and garage, injuring his hands. In hospital, his parents learn, Gareth has gambled their money away and disown him.

A young boy Connor is brought in by his nanny, after suffering an allergic reaction. When his mother, Sandra, arrives she blames the nanny and takes out her frustrations on her because she spends more time with her son.

Pregnant teenager Ruby, comes in with her mother after suffering stomach pains. Her mother is determined for her to not lose the baby. It turns out Ruby has already had a termination but feared telling her Mum, as she was desperate to have another baby after losing three others.

A man, Joshua, who has set up a dating agency comes in with chronic pancreatitis. He dies, and Guppy blames his father, Jas, for not taking him up to a ward sooner.


* Gareth Williams – injured hands.

* Connor Barker – allergic reaction.

* Ruby Cram – stomach pains from termination.

* Joshua Wright – dies from chronic panreatitis.

Notable Facts

* Suzanne Maddock plays Sandra Barker.

* Adam James plays Peter Guildford.

* Madhav Sharma plays Jas Sandhu.

* As well as Sam, Tess’ other two children are called David and Kirsty.

* The Valentines ball was held at Chatwyns nightclub.

* Bex lives at house number 10.

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