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Cas Series

S19 E34

S19 E34 (23 Apr 05) : Sweet Revenge by Jo O’Keefe

Episode Summary

It is the day of the trial, Claire tries to talk to Pete outside but he says he did not rape Bex and begs her not to say anything. In court, Pete’s defence lawyer tries to discredit Bex in the witness box, reducing her to tears.

Later, Selena gives her evidence. She says the injuries Bex sustained could be down to consensual sex but makes it clear that in her professional opinion it was not consensual. Bex is upset afterwards but Selena comforts her and takes her home.

That night Claire breaks down under the strain. She tells Luke that Pete told her he came on heavy with Bex but that she led him on. She wants comfort from Luke but he is furious and throws her out of his house.

Harry berates Guppy for being tired and irritable at work. Guppy says that he is finding it near impossible to get a good night’s sleep in the nurses dorm where he is staying. Harry warns him he needs to find somewhere else to live.

Ian, the loan shark tells Abs to get him the money by 3pm – or else. Later, he demands cash from another man but his friends ambush him and beat Ian up badly. He is admitted to the hospital but refuses his medical examination. Abs checks on him and sees that his monitor is bleeping and he is asking for help. Abs puts the monitor on mute and stands there for a few seconds before deciding to help him after all. However, Ian’s condition worsens and he dies from an internal bleed. Abs rushes home to tell Nina the good news – they are free from Ellen’s debt.

A young boy, Lewis is brought in with stomach pains and sickness. Staff believe he has swallowed something to make him feel so ill. At first the mother, Kath, thinks she is to blame because since the death of her other baby from cot death she’s had an obsession with cleanliness and amongst other things has cleaned food with bleach. But it is discovered he has drunk pesticide from his father, Stuart’s shed. The team suggest they get professional help to overcome their problems caused by bereavement.

Woody and Nina are called to a block of flats where an elderly man, Marty, has chest pains. He reluctantly comes to hospital with his grandson. The team discover he has taken speed and ecstasy because he ‘wanted to try everything once before he died’.


Ian Garrick – dies after being beaten up.

Lewis – swallowed pesticide.

Marty – elderly man whose taken ectasy and speed.

Notable Facts

* Sasha Behar plays Pete’s defence lawyer Marcat.

* Tom Butcher plays Bex’s lawyer.

* Peter Watts plays Ian Garrick.

* Woody plays a prank on Guppy by when he’s asleep putting a learner sign on his back and then waking him up pretending there is a fire.

* Guppy gets his revenge by giving him a drink – Woody thinks the only joke is that Guppy has put salt in it, not realising the cup has put black marks on his face.

* Whilst treating boy Lewis, Harry said ‘It’s moments like this I really miss Jim’.

* Tess complains about having to wear a nurses dress. She wants to wear scrubs instead.

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