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Cas Series

S19 E37

S19 E37 (14 May 05) : Fat Chance by Danny McCahon & Robert Scott-Fraser

Episode Summary

The jury have been considering the case for two days and have not yet reached a verdict. The judge tells them he will accept a verdict which at least 10 of them can agree on. Bex feels confident, she tells Charlie that several of the jury members looked at her as they walked out and they would not do that if they did not believe her.

Charlie worries Bex is getting her hopes too high. Claire tells Pete she lied for him and now she has ruined her chances with Luke. Back at work, Luke avoids Claire. She tries to talk to him but is disgusted she lied for her rapist brother. He tells her that the jury only need a majority decision now so Pete will be found guilty. The jurors ask to hear the 999 call again. Bex is on tenterhooks as they play it in court. Later, the jury deliver their verdict – the find Pete not guilty and Bex is devestated. Outside the court, Luke tries to hit Pete whilst Bex tells Pete that she and him both now the truth before storming off. Claire is also furious when Pete says he wants them to celebrate but also shockingly adds he will get revenge on Bex for what she’s done to him.

Sam worries to Tess about what Charlie will say about him destroying the files when he was ill. Tess asks Charlie if he has decided what to do yet, Charlie says no. Later he tells them he was disappointed in Tess for lying for Sam but then thought as a parent he probably would have done the same thing. He has therefore decided not to take action. Tess and Sam are overjoyed.

Abs tells Nina that he hates keeping their relationship secret. She warns him that if immigration found out about them he could go to jail.

A motorcyclist, Ajay, is run over my a man who drives off with his foot in the grill of his van. Although the man’s wife brings Ajay’s foot in to Casualty it cannot be sewn back on. The man convinces his wife to take the wrap for him. Meanwhile Ajay has more problems when his wife and girlfriend both turn up to see him. But after they both meet, his mistress decides to leave him discreetly.

A woman, Miriam, persuades her husband, Robert, to give their homeless drug addict son, Gavin, another chance. He agrees to go and meet him. Later on they are both brought in after being involved in a fight. Miriam assumes her son has attacked Robert and disowns him. She later finds out Gavin was trying to save his father from being mugged. Miriam is devestated when Gavin dies from his injuries, particularly after what she said to him.

Overweight, Cassie, comes into the ED department having collapsed at her slimming club. Despite eating little, she can’t understand having put on so much weight and is convinced she has cancer when Selena says she has a mass in her stomach. It turns out she has an extremely large dermoid cyst which has grown teeth and needs an operation to remove it.


* Ajay – loses foot in a motorbike accident.

* Robert – stabbed after being mugged.

* Gavin – dies from injuries after tring to save his father from mugger.

* Cassie – large dermoid cyst.

First Scene/words

Judge: You have been considering the evidence for two days now and I understand you haven’t come to an unanimous decision.

Last Scene/words

Pete: Come on, let’s celebrate.

Claire: I’ve got nothing to celebrate! Except for the fact that this is over.

Pete: This is far from over.

Claire: What do you mean?

Pete: She accused me of being a rapist. I’m not gonna let her get away with that. No. No, she’s gonna pay for this.

[Further away Bex is walking down the street, crying, with Charlie following her]

Notable Facts

* Raji James (Ash Ferreira in EastEnders) plays Ajay.

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