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Cas Series

S19 E43

S19 E43 (16 Jul 05) : There Are Worse Things I Could Do by Julie Blackie

Episode Summary

Harry and the team fight to save Pete’s life. Luke tells Claire Pete has been in an accident, Claire bursts in and tries to resuscitate her brother but Harry says Pete is dead. Luke lies to Harry and tells him he found Pete at the bottom of the stairs – he must have fallen. Bex breaks down to Luke, saying she did not mean to push Pete. Luke reassures her everything will be fine. Charlie tells Bex she should tell the police it was an accident and they will understand. Bex says that the jury will not believe her and she cannot go through that experience again. Claire cries to Luke, she says Pete had begged for forgiveness. She tortures herself, saying she had wanted to sort things out with Pete that afternoon. Will comes in to investigate Pete’s death. He says he will need to see the CCTV footage. Luke tells Charlie they need to get their stories straight, they cannot let Bex take the blame for this. Will questions Luke who lies for Bex, saying she got there after Charlie and Luke had found Pete. Charlie does not want to lie but Luke begs him to. Will interviews Bex and she also lies. Colin, the security guard, gives Will the CCTV tape. Bex breaks down to Charlie, who realises he cannot let her take the punishment for this. When Will interviews him he too lies about what happened. Will watches the CCTV tape and realises Colin gave him the wrong one. Colin tells him he must have taped over it by accident. Luke asks Colin what is going on, Colin secretly slips him the tape.

Abs is shocked to see Ellen back at work. Tess tells him that the agency sent her and she has asked them to supply someone else but they will not be able to today. Nina is horrified to see Ellen again. She wants to know what Ellen is doing here – she was meant to go back to the Czech Republic in order to get her visa. Ellen claims that this is where she has been, but Nina reminds her she would have been arrested for fraud. Ellen dismisses this, saying she has sorted everything out. Abs tells Nina to ignore Ellen, she will only be at the hospital for a day. However, impressed by Ellen, and still suffering from a staff shortage, Tess asks Ellen to come back tomorrow. Abs is furious.

Guppy is treating a patient, Sheila, of his father, Jas. She is taking a new medication that Guppy has not heard of which is acerbating her symptoms. When Guppy speaks to Jas he realises that the patient is unaware she is taking part in a drugs trial. Guppy suspects Jas is being paid by the drugs company and Jas confirms this. Guppy threatens to tell Harry but Jas claims that Harry is also involved.

Three students, Zara, Lisa and Jessica crash into another car – whose driver is pregnant Valentina. Jessica claims to be the driver under pressure, however the team notice Zara’s injuries have resulted from pedals. Meanwhile, Valentina, who has been on IVF, is devestated to learn her baby has no heartbeat and as her condition worsens, she suffers a placenta abruption. Maggie, who has been treating Valentina, faces a dilemma after promising her daughter she would go and watch her in a play.

UK Viewing Figures:Patients

* Sheila Bryne – stomach ulcer.

* Pete Guildford – dies after falling down stairs.

* Zara Hearne – injuries from car crash.

* Jessica Grindle – injuries from car crash.

* Lisa McIttrick – fractured leg.

* Valentina Minola – loses baby.

Last Scene/ words

Luke : You did the right thing

Charlie : No, I didn’t but I did it for Bex.

Notable Facts

* Adam James plays Pete Guildford.

* Madhav Sharma plays Jas Sandhu.

* Gary Mavers plays Will Manning.

* Peter Silverleaf plays Colin Evans.

UK Viewing Figures:

Screencaps : S19 E43

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