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Cas Series

S19 E44

S19 E44 (23 Jul 05) : Brief Encounters by Catrin Clarke

Episode Summary

The Police put pressure on Colin over the missing CCTV footage, Bex panicks and worries that the police will find out that she pushed Pete down the stairs. Luke tells her he has a plan and arranges for her to escape abroad. On the way to the harbour, the police give chase. But Luke – who has left Claire early at her brother’s funeral – manages to get Bex on the boat and away before they are caught. Bex asks Luke to come with her, but it’s clear he still has feelings for Claire when he refuses, despite their close bond

Elsewhere, Guppy turns detective to see if Harry is also involved in the drug trial. He finds Harry referring patient Rose, who has a peptic ulcer, to Jas.

Selena is on the mend after her stabbing and goes home with Will.

A kite boarder, Simon, collides with a young boy, Cal and his mother at the beach. The mother dies, and as her next of kin, her sister is expected to look after the young boy. But with children of her own, she doesn’t think she can cope with Cal who suffers from tourettes syndrome.

Paramedics are awaiting police back up on a shout as they know junkie Marcus to be aggressive. His brother is is a sickle-cell sufferer, and they end up making their way to the hospital themselves. Guppy is unsure if Malik’s condition is genuine and ends up being punched by Marcus.


* Simon Broughton – fractured leg.

* Cal’s mother – dies.

* Malik Bellio – sickle-cell.

* Rose Maxwell – peptic ulcer.

Notable Facts

* Gary Mavers plays Will Manning.

* Madhav Sharma plays Jas Sandhu.

* Peter Silverleaf plays Colin Evans.

* Maggie puts her foot in it with Claire, who has just attended her brother’s funeral when she says jokingly ‘Don’t leave any blunt instruments around or you might be attending Harry’s funeral.’

* Bex last words were ‘Don’t forget me’ – Luke’s reply ‘As if I could.’

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Screencaps : S19 E44

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