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Cas Series

S19 E48

S19 E48 (20 Aug 05) : Truth, Lies and Videotape by Peter Mills

Episode Summary

Claire persuades Charlie and Luke to scatter Pete’s ashes with her by the sea. But she soon starts behaving erratically and demands to know what happened to her brother. Later, as they all get in the car to go home, Claire deliberately drives off the harbour and into the water. Luke manages to pull Charlie out of the water to safety, but Claire does not survive

Elsewhere, Harry tells Will that Selena has MRSA and her condition is serious. Later, Will ends his affair with Ellen.

Meanwhile, a girl called Fleur comes into the hospital with her boyfriend – he has a septic tattoo, after trying to sandpaper the area in an attempt to remove it as it was misspelt ‘Fluer’. Fleur flirts with Sam, much to Tess’s disapproval. When her boyfriend dumps her, Fleur gives her number to a delighted Sam, whilst Kelsey who helped set Sam up goes on a date with Fleur’s ex.

Young single mother, Linda, rushes her baby, Bless, into hospital fearing she has meningitis. Ellen ridicules Linda when she discovers she has been feeding her baby mashed up junk food causing Bless to have too much salt in her system. Upset by Ellen’s harsh words, she leaves the department with Bless. Maggie manages to catch her outside and persuades her to make Bless get the treatment she needs. Maggie tells Ellen off.

A woman, Tina, is brought in with a broken leg and damaged spleen. Harry tells her she’s pregnant, but she is unhappy at the news. On further questioning, Maggie discovers she was raped by an intruder at her house, whilst her husband, Dave, was working. The couple, who had been trying for a baby themselves, discuss keeping the child and eventually come round to the idea.

MS sufferer Philippa is brought in after falling from her wheelchair at home. Her lonely and over-fussing mother-in-law, Beryl, is found to have been giving her sedatives, as she thought it would make them need her help more round the house. Abs confronts Beryl but feels sorry for her.


* Baby Bless – high salt intake.

* Fleur’s boyfriend – septic tattoo.

* Tina Hayley – broken leg and damaged spleen. Also pregnant.

* Philippa – fall from wheelchair. Unaware at being given sedatives to make her drowsy.

Notable Facts

* Gary Mavers plays Will Manning.

* Madhav Sharma plays Jas Sandhu.

* Lenora Crichlow (Sugar Rush) plays Linda Surrey.

* Kelsey takes Sam’s tickets for ‘La Nesra’ for helping to set him up with Fleur.

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