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S19 E9 (30 Oct 04) : Little White Lies by Stephen McAteer

Episode Summary

A distraught Comfort goes to identify the body that was found last week and is devastated to confirm that it is Fin. Police tell her that she cannot take the body home to be buried as the death is suspicious and they are still investigating.

Later, Comfort buys a bottle of vodka and contemplates drinking it, but ends up pouring it away.

Ellen tells Abs not to tell anyone about the problems with her work visa; she would rather deal with it on her own.

Later, Harry suggests the staff go to the bar to pay their respects to Fin. Once there, Ellen tells Abs there is one way he could help her to stay in the country: marry her.

Luke does not handle the news of Fin’s death well and goes home early. Worried, Bex decides to go and check on him. When she arrives at his house, an angry Bex discovers that Kate has moved in. Kate offers to move out, but instead, Luke asks Bex to leave.

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