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HB Series

S2 E10

Episode Summary

Lucy and Jake arrive at the scene of a burglary to find a branch manager lying unconscious after being shot. Next to him is his traumatised colleague, Stella. CID is soon on the scene and quick to conclude it’s an inside job. It’s now up to the team to figure out which member of staff was involved and which violent criminal they’re associated with.

After a spate of burglaries on the local estate, Neil and Kelly are on patrol in an attempt to reassure local residents that the latest crime spree is being taken seriously. During their patrol, a clearly worried Kelly confesses to her partner that her husband, Roger, stayed out all night. Still in love with his colleague, Neil is quick to ask if she suspects there is another woman involved, an accusation Kelly quickly denies.

Whilst on the estate, the duo are distracted by a confused old man called Clarence. After some detective work, they are able to hand him over to his next of kin. Later in the day, Neil and Kelly rush back to the estate when another burglary is reported. This time, though, the intruder is still lurking inside the property, and is a familiar face to the concerned PCs.

Elsewhere, following the birth of their first child, Luke and Mandy’s marriage is going from strength to strength. Having noticed Luke’s natural talent with the fairer sex, John asks his colleague for some tips to help win over his wife, Kate. Just as Luke thinks life couldn’t get any better, however, he receives some devastating news that will change his life for ever…

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