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HC Past Series

2.11 Trust – 3/2/00

s2e11S2 E11 (3 Feb 00) : Trust by Niall Leonard

Episode Summary

Nick arrives back at work and Meyer tells him that what Nick did was courageous but stupid as he could have lost his ability to perform surgery. He tells Nick that he saved one life but during his career he could save ten thousand and he tells Nick to look after his hands. Meanwhile, Karen says that Ray’s at Damien’s funeral and when Ray turns up he says the funeral is over and he was the only one there. He still blames himself for Damien’s death but Karen says it’s not his fault.

Rumours are circulating that Tash and Kirstie were a couple and are back together. Tash overhears and wants to know if they have a problem with her sexuality and says they should talk to her face and not behind her back. When Kirstie hears what Tash has said, she accuses her of encouraging the rumours and not stopping them. Tash says they can think want they want.

Kath walks in on Mike trying to wash his dirty laundry and says that since Rachel left him he hasn’t been able to get in an appropriate routine. He says Rachel is getting re-married. Later, Kath comes back with his laundry washed and ironed – she’d sent it to the hospital laundry. Kath offers to tie his tie for him and Mike says he has a problem finding the right woman. Kath says, “You never know, she might be right under your nose” and Mike looks down at Kath and laughs.

Julie finds a patient called Janice collapsed in the toilets. Victoria calls in Nick, who diagnoses a common post-op complaint and tells Victoria that she should not have bothered him and could have diagnosed it herself – she should trust her own judgement. The patient’s sister and the patient are bickering and Victoria suggests that it’s making it worse to the sister, who gets angry and asks for a senior doctor and not a mere SHO. Victoria gets Nick who tells her again that she should trust her own judgement and she needs to learn to handle relatives. Back on the ward, her condition deteriorates again so Victoria once again calls Nick.

Nick asks Karen if he can move in and she says they should move into his flat because she doesn’t trust him to keep it as a love nest. Nick says he’s changed but Karen can’t believe him. She thinks he just wants to be the stereotypical top heart surgeon with a wife and two kids. Nick says he wants commitment and his bleeper goes off and it’s Victoria. He tells her yet again to handle the situation by herself. Nick and Karen kiss, until his bleeper goes off again but he ignores it and keeps kissing her. Suddenly, he gets a crash bleep and has to rush up to Janice and has to operate on the ward. Her heart is bleeding and she dies.

Victoria blames Nick for Janice’s death because if he’d come earlier then Janice’s arrest could have been prevented. When Nick tells Karen what happened, he asks her to lie for him and say they were discussing a patient but Karen won’t lie for him. Nick goes and gives his report to Meyer and he tries to console the patient’s sister. However, she says that he simply couldn’t be bothered to come and save her sister’s life and by the time she’s finished with him, they won’t let him clear up the bedpans.


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