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HB Series

S2 E12

Episode Summary

The officers of Holby South find themselves in the line of fire when a number of hoax 999 calls lure them to a destination where a lone sniper lies in wait. Not prepared to hold back until HQ investigates, DCI Scott Vaughan dispatches his CID team to find out who wants to take them out.

Things go from bad to worse for birthday girl Kelly when she is asked to view CCTV footage of a nightclub robbery. She sees her husband in a clinch with another woman and, as Kelly’s life crumbles around her, Neil ends up providing more than a shoulder to cry on.

Meanwhile, Christian’s relationship with Miranda is going from strength to strength and she accepts an invitation to Kelly’s birthday party. However, when she finds a stash of drugs at her flat, will she give in to temptation?

While John races to find out the identity of the sniper, his wife, Kate, is unaware that John’s violent father is lying in wait for her at home. She arrives to find him sitting in the kitchen and it is clear that he hasn’t come round for a cosy, family chat.

Back at Holby South, the team is slowly piecing together the evidence in the sniper investigation and the identity of the gunman is revealed. However, Jake and Lucy have already responded to a call-out and they head straight into the gunman’s lair.

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