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HB Series

S2 E02

Episode Summary

When a batch of contaminated drugs kills several students, the team at Holby South jumps into action in a bid to get the stash off the streets. The drugs are sold in phials with distinctive red caps, so the team is on high alert to find the remainder of the batch before it claims any more victims.

It’s one of DCI Scott Vaughan’s biggest cases since arriving at Holby South and he’s keen to make an impression on both his superiors and his staff – but he ends up putting a few noses out of joint along the way.PC Lucy Slater and PC Robert Clifton are called when neighbours are concerned for the welfare of a baby who can be heard crying. They arrive to find a dead woman with her distraught two-year-old son crying next to her – and a red-topped phial; Robert soon realises they have found victim number four.

Lucy and Robert manage to locate the child’s father, but it’s not long before uniform find the young child wandering the streets and, as they delve a little deeper, things take a turn for the worse for this broken family.The case strikes a chord with Robert who misses his own son, Kyle. Keen to help her anxious colleague, Lucy persuades Robert to visit his ex-girlfriend, hoping she will forgive his past mistakes and allow him to see Kyle. However, his attempts don’t go according to plan and Robert learns it’s going to take more than just an apology to make amends.

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