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Cas Series

S20 E27

S20 E27 (4 Mar 06) : Nobody’s Perfect by Gregory Evans

Episode Summary

Nathan has invited Selena out to dinner tonight, ignoring her hints that she’d rather stay in. In her capacity as Police Surgeon, Selena arrives at Stella’s house. Policewoman Lennox tells her that David claims that his mistress Daisy is dangerously insane, and that she believes him. Selena questions Daisy and David and forms the conclusion that David has simply got tired of Daisy and wants to return to his wife Stella. She thinks he is exaggerating the threat Daisy poses in order to give him a better chance in any forthcoming custody battle, and to force Stella into sheltering him out of pity. Selena refuses to take steps to section Daisy, judging her extreme behaviour to be the result of David kidnapping their baby. Selena and David find Stella stabbed and Daisy gone.

Stella is rushed to hospital, where David waits anxiously. Selena forces him to talk about his relationship with Daisy – he realises that he is partly to blame: he didn’t support her enough with Sophie. He guesses that Daisy might have gone to her church. Selena and Lennox rush there and find Daisy on the roof. Selena manages to regain Daisy’s trust and mother and baby are taken to the ED. Harry saves Stella, and David tells her he wants her back, she refuses. Selena feels she has failed because she made the wrong decision about Daisy and endangered Stella and Sophie. She decides to resign as a police surgeon. She wants a hug from Nathan, but he won’t touch her because she has blood on her. She walks off, alone.

Meanwhile, Charlie tries to keep the Hepatitis B clinic open by handing out leaflets to prostitutes but gets into trouble with an angry pimp and is arrested by the police. Josh has to come to his rescue.

[ID 1347]Sam[/ID] tells Tess that he is going to be an HCA, she is concerned that he is not ready to take on such responsibility but he says he’s adamant and tells her he’s not asking for her permission.

During an argument in a kitchen, a knife falls onto chef Alan’s foot. In the ED department, his worker Steve ‘Fish’ collapses from a panic attack. Harry realises the pressure he is under has caused him to start taking amphetamines. Alan owns up to Steve that he also takes the drugs and got him into using the drug through someone else.

Meanwhile an elderly man, Bernie, with glaucoma is brought in with his two daughters, Claudia and Judith. He is found to have high potassium levels in his sytem. Judith is furious when she discovers Claudia has let him smoke marijuana when he visits her every weekend. But Guppy discovers that it is infact a herbal tea that Judith had been giving him that had infact caused his condition.


* Stella Snow – stabbed.

* Alan McLintoch – knife through foot.

* Steve ‘Fish’ – amphetamine abuse.

* Bernie King – glaucoma and high potassium level.

Notable Facts

* ‘Why you pulling that face?’ Sam asks his mother when he tells her about his HCA plans. After hearing her doubts, he tells her ‘I’m not asking for your permission.. I will do it with or without your blessing’.

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