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Cas Series

S20 E30

S20 E30 (25 Mar 06) : Walk Before You Run by Peter Mills

Episode Summary

The paramedics are on standby at a local marathon. Walter is driving his elderly wife, Florence, to the doctor when she causes him to accidentally hit a race marshall, Jamie. Walter calls an ambulance for Jamie but heads off to the hospital with his wife, and inadvertently changes the sign directions for the race. In hospital, Abs and Maggie treat Florence whilst Walter eventually owns up Jamie’s father that he hit his son.

Meanwhile Nina has woken up fed up with life and feeling frustrated. Josh and Nina are at the race site and using her army training, Nina notices that the runners are running in the wrong path. Nina knows that the runners have actually gone into an army training ground which is dangerous as it is filled with bogs and ravines. A runner alerts Nina and Josh to another runner, Debbie (who is Jamie’s mother), trapped in a sinking bog. Nina bravely risks sinking in to climb across the bog and pull her out. Spurred on by the experience and feeling frustrated with her role as technician, Nina asks Josh if she can train to become a paramedic, he says yes. However, later Nina tries to do a procedure she is not trained for. Josh is furious, he tells her she has been doing good work all day and now she has ruined it. He tells her a good paramedic will be able to apologise when they make a mistake. Nina talks to Comfort who tells her to go and grovel to Josh. She then gives an impassioned speech to Josh. Josh tells Nina she is impetuous and ill disciplined. He tells her that he will recommend her for training on one condition – she works with him and does what he says. Nina readily agrees.

A first-aider, Nick, who is at the race, asks Comfort out. But she is unsure, telling Luke she doesn’t have the confidence anymore. Luke persuades her to go for it and she later decides to go for a drink with Nick.

Elsewhere, Nathan’s strange behaviour towards Selena at work makes her feel uneasy – he claims to be doing a patient/ staff interaction survey in the department, but Selena isn’t convinced.

After seeing her Consultant, Ellen is shocked to discover that there is a chance that she could have cancer. Harry does his best to comfort her.


* Debbie – rescued from sinking bog, also found to have spine injury from previous injection.

* Jamie – hit by a car, fractured leg.

* Florence Chapman – urine infection.

* Racer – tongue injury.

Notable Facts

* Stephen Beckett plays Mark.

* ‘Rock DJ’ by Robbie Williams plays at the beginning of race.

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Screencaps : S20 E30

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