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Cas Series

S21 E01

S21 E1 (23 Sep 06) : Different Worlds (Part One) by Ann Marie Di Mambro

Episode Summary

In this special double-bill, marking Casualty’s 20th anniversary, action takes place both in Holby and Cambodia, where Duffy has set up a clinic.

Charlie, Guppy, Abs and Comfort head to Cambodia to help out Duffy.

A young boy, Chan, tries to befriend Guppy and Abs but falls from a tree as he collects coconuts for them.Guppy’s surgical skills are put to the test, without the aid of hi-tech medical equipment he is used to using back home. Guppy calls Harry to help assist him through the bur hole operation on Chan.

Charlie is having doubts about Duffy’s current boyfriend, the clinic’s surgeon, Mike, when he refuses to help in Chan’s operation claiming to have had a glass of wine.

Meanwhile, back in England, Maggie and Harry are learning to work with a new doctor, Somnang, on exchange from Cambodia. A young man, Kevin, is brought in after taking an overdose. Despite promising him he will be OK, Harry is unable to give him his full attention as he deals with Guppy’s call. When Kevin dies, Harry is upset he didn’t do his best for him.

When Somnang makes a flippant comment about the way death is treated back in Cambodia, Harry is angered and orders him out of his hospital.

An overweight man, Tommy, is brought in with sickness. Maggie learns he has had a gastric balloon fitted which has caused his current condition.

As tensions run high in Holby, things take a turn for the worse when a bus full of schoolchildren crashes and topples over.


* Grace Anning – drunk

* Kevin Bingham – dies from overdose.

* Tommy Indler – sickness from gastric balloon leak in stomach.

* Chan Prach – falls from tree, sub-dural hematoma.

Notable Facts

* John Bowe plays Mike Hornsey.

* Bounsy Luang Thinith plays Somnang Lim.

* Denise Black plays Grace Anning.

* Moya Brady plays Liz Criddick.

* Stephen Marcus plays Tommy Indler.

* After a drunk is sick on Somnang, Maggie says ‘Oh dear.. welcome to Holby!’

* Chan affectionately calls Guppy ‘Dr Wuss’.

* After Guppy’s operation on the boy, Abs tells him that’s ‘one of the bravest things I’ve ever seen’.

* Harry is angered by Somnang, ‘We give it everything we’ve got, have you got that?’

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