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Cas Series

S21 E19

S21 E19 (6 Jan 07) : Fish out of Water by Tom Lisle

Episode Summary

Abs, Cyd, Greg, Alice and Guppy decide to get away from all the recent tragedy by taking a trip to the coast, but their day doesn’t go quite to plan. First, Guppy is poisoned by a fish bite.

Resturant owner, Paul, is desperate to have possible investor Michael onboard his flailing business. When Michael suggests they go fishing, Paul is keen to keep him happy despite boat owner, Laurie, not pleased that Michael has been drinking. When Michael accidentally sets a flare off whilst at sea – which sends himself offboard and injures Laurie’s legs. The hospital team witness the incident and go to help.

Meanwhile Michael and Laurie’s two sons have to be rescued when one of them injures their ankle whilst rock climbing and become stuck as the tide comes in.

Back at hospital, Michael offers Paul money to keep the incident secret but on Kelsey’s advice, Paul realises he couldn’t live with himself if he didn’t tell the truth.

In the staffroom, following Greg’s recent confidance in Cyd about his close friend’s death, Cyd tries to kiss him but he backs off.

Meanwhile Nathan’s mother, Peggy, causes havoc for her son when she locks a delivery driver, Tony, in her bedroom (because he’s failed to deliver the correct kitchen) and he then collapses at her home. He is a diabetic and his condition is worsened having drunk anti-freeze. Selena is shocked when Peggy has only bad words to say of her son. But she is in for more surprise when Nathan later comes into her office and proposes to her.


* Michael Shapiro – falls from boat.

* Laurie Cobb – leg injury.

* Jason Cobb – ankle injury.

* Tony Denning – diabetic, drunk anti-freeze.

Notable Facts

* Richard Lumsden plays Paul Hawley.

* Nicholas Ball plays Michael Shapiro.

* Elizabeth Bell plays Peggy Spencer.

* Staff sing ‘Good Vibrations’ as they make the way to the coast in Abs’ camper van.

* ‘I think you should be wary of Nathan’ Peggy tells Selena. ‘He’s not to be trusted’.

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Screencaps : S21 E19

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