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Cas Series

S21 E20

S21 E20 (13 Jan 07) : Stormy Weather by Sian Evans

Episode Summary

Kelsey is forced to consider taking drastic action when her debt problems escalate and she is evicted from her flat. She calls an ‘escort’ agency asking for work.

Elsewhere, Cyd’s loyalties are torn when Greg and Dixie reveal they are both applying for Josh’s job.

And Harry acts on Maggie’s advice that he needs to be more personable if he wants to succeed in his election campaign when he comforts a distressed Alice – but Nathan sees an opportunity he can’t resist. Meanwhile, he waits impatiently for Selena’s answer to his proposal.

A tree falls on a boy, Niall, as he pushes his elder brother Rory out of it’s way. He has serious leg injuries and Harry uses an old fashioned operating technique to ease his pain. Meanwhile their mother is forced to confront issues surrounding their missing father.

An elderly woman, Adele, is brought in with her neice, Fran, complaining of stomach pains. Adele takes Maggie aside to say she thinks Fran is poisoning her. Maggie and Kelsey realise she is dillusional and diagnose Capgra syndrome.

Severe winds cause a caravan to blow over – inside a man, Darren, scalds his hand and suffers a head injury. Paramedics are called but Darren is reluctant to leave the caravan. But aware of gas fumes, Cyd attempts to coax him out.


* Niall Connor – leg crush injuries.

* Adele Benson – Capgra syndrome.

* Darren Rhodes – scalded hand and head injury.

Notable Facts

* When Selena tells Maggie she’s considering Nathan’s proposal, Maggie says ‘Maybe my patient isn’t the only one who’s dillusional’.

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