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Cas Series

S21 E31

S21 E31 (18 Mar 07) : Stitch by Gregory Evans

Episode Summary

Mystery man Stitch turns up at a casino where Nathan is losing a lot of money and drinking heavily. Stitch spots croupier, Stevie, at the blackjack table running a ‘top-hatting’ scam with a shifty looking man, Rob, and urges her to end it. In the car park, during a heated argument, Stevie is attacked and falls out of Rob’s car.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the car park, another man, Hugh, tries to steal a woman, Pearl’s car but runs over her foot. A teacher, Pearl recognises Hugh as an ex-pupil from school and it is later revealed he works for a debt recovery agency and was repossessing her car.

Stitch and Nathan both witnesses the incident and Nathan is impressed as Stitch calmly takes control of the situation and learns he is a consultant. At the hospital, tension mounts when Stitch tries to take over as Selena tends to Stevie. He pressures Selena and Guppy to treat what he thinks is a tracheal bronchial injury but Selena thinks it’s something else. And when the power fails Selena is unable to prove that she’s right.

Nathan offers Stitch the Consultant’s job at Holby and Stitch manages to wangle a high salary claiming that St James’ are also interested in him. Selena realises this and tries to warn Nathan, but he ignores her and hires him anyway. Stitch tells Selena he’s looking forward to working with her – as he leaves the hospital with a sexy nurse.

Dixie urges Cyd to go home but Greg agrees to partner Cyd in an attempt to win her affections. Nora still has her mind on Kira’s possible child whilst her husband Jim collapses. Meanwhile Kira’s ex, Liam, leaves Siobhael unattended outside whilst he breaks into a house. However he falls and impales himself on a stuffed deer. He dies in hospital. Realising he is Kira’s partner, Cyd is determined to find evidence of them having had a child and breaks into their house. Nothing is found and Cyd is about to give up when back at hospital Jim admits that she knew that Kira did definitely have a child as Liam told him. Cyd and Greg go back out searching near where Lee was injured and luckily manage to find Siobhael trapped in an abandoned fridge on wasteland. She is brought in cold but alive. Later, Dixie tries to apologise to Cyd but she says that Greg stood by her.

Alice persuades Sam to ask the paramedics if he can shadow another shift with them but overprotective Tess is not happy.


* Liam York – dies after being impaled on a stuffed deer.

* Jim McConvey – collapse.

* Siobhael McConvey – young child found trapped in disused fridge.

* Stevie Thornell – head laceration, broken ribs and punctured lung.

* Pearl Simmons – foot injury.

Notable Facts

* Isabelle Amyes plays Pearl Simmons.

* Stitch reveals he is recently back in Holby from Saudi.

* After Selena discovers Stitch is to be the new Consultant, Stitch says wryly ‘Mutual loathing is not such a bad thing!’

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