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Cas Series

S21 E32

S21 E32 (24 Mar 07) : Life’s Too Short by Linda Thompson

Episode Summary

Maverick new consultant, Stitch, makes a dramatic impact during his first shift in the emergency department – but he certainly doesn’t impress everyone and manages to polarise opinion between Maggie and Selena. Stitch alienates Maggie when he makes a snap decision against a patient’s wishes, but then he sticks up for Selena, appealing to her softer side.

Meanwhile, Sam goes out on a shout with the paramedics to find out what it’s like to actually be one. Sam messes up to start with but Greg decides to give him a second chance. When Sam shows he can rise to the challenge, the boys take him to the pub to celebrate, but Sam is embarrassed when they tease him about his mother ringing him up.

Ian Goldsmith, is out with a fellow cross-dresser, Les, for the first time but are involved in a car accident. Ian has harboured his secret from his wife but he is forced to own up when she arrives at the hospital. She is shocked but tries to salvage their relationship.

The other car involved in the crash is carrying two brothers, Tommy and Jack, who have both been in the pub. Jack is forced to rethink his attitude towards life when Tommy has been left seriously ill through his binge drinking.

Stitch treats a man who has dislocated his shoulder but doesn’t want pain relief. Guppy is impressed when Stitch uses a form of hypnotherapy to fix his injury.

Fireman, Chris, rides through the countryside but suffers a fall. At hospital he admits he has Huntingdon’s disease and has taken a deliberate overdose. Chris refuses treatment and Maggie goes against his wishes by calling his wife. Whilst Stitch breaks protocol by anaesthetising Chris so they are able to give him a wash out.

Maggie heads up to Stitch’s office and discovers him in a passionate clinch with an agency nurse. Maggie has a go at him but Stitch teases her by giving her a playful kiss.


* Stan Smedley – dislocated shoulder.

* Ian Goldsmith – fractured clavical.

* Chris Ryder – Huntingdon’s diseas, overdose.

* Tony Cartwright – pancreatitis

Notable Facts

* Warren Brown (Hollyoaks) plays Chris Ryder.

* Maggie storms out of Stitch’s office following their kiss, Charlie happens to be passing by and Stitch says ‘That’s one passionate woman!’

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