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Cas Series

S21 E38

S21 E38 (19 May 07) : A Long Way from Home by Ann Marie Di Mambro

Episode Summary

With Sam now missing for a whole week, a terrified Tess enlists Abs’ help to scour the city looking for him. When a lorry loses control on a wasteland popular with homeless people and a young boy matching Sam’s description is found trapped and critical at the site, Tess fears the worst. Against Dixie’s orders, Greg risks his life to save the trapped boy – who turns out not to be Sam, but a homeless teenager, Jay-Jay.

Jay-Jay is taken to hospital with his friend Skip who is also injured. Abs contacts Jay-Jay’s mother but he dies before she arrives.

Meanwhile Abs finds Sam safe in a homeless refuge and persuades him to return to Tess, whose relief is short-lived when Sam tells her he’s going travelling in Thailand – and he’s leaving tonight.

Tess treats a man, Ken, who works for the Salvation Army and has fallen down steps. He confides in Tess that he is getting married but is secretly gay. However with his own controlling mother near, Ken goes ahead with the relationship despite his own feelings. Given some home truths, Tess agrees to let her own son, Sam, go and sends him off with a smile. Realising that Sam won’t be around for much longer, Alice is forced to face up to her feelings for him. She races to find Sam and bravely tells him how she feels, who despite feeling the same way says he must still leave. Alice is distraught.

Selena and Nadia are given the unenviable task of treating Alex, the lorry driver involved in the crash. Obnoxious and sleazy throughout, Alex gives all the female staff a tough time so Maggie is pleasantly surprised when Stitch takes it upon himself to teach the sexist pig a lesson.

Greg becomes Dixie’s first choice for relocation after defying her orders at the crash site.


* Ken Gilroy – fractured arm.

* Joseph ‘Jay-Jay’ Baxter – dies.

* Skip Logan – minor injuries

* Alex Payne – injuries from lorry crash.

Notable Facts

* Mona Hammond plays Carol Gilroy.

* ‘Her son is missing!’ Maggie tells staff after Sam’s recent disappearance. ‘Escaped more like!’ Stitch retorts.

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Screencaps : S21 E38

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