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Cas Series

S21 E41

S21 E41 (9 Jun 07) : Brass in Pocket by Gaby Chiappe

Episode Summary

In an effort to keep Tess’s 20th anniversary party under control, Nathan provides each reveler with just two free drinks. Stitch decides to liven up the party by spiking the fruit punch. Meanwhile, already late for the party, Tess and Nadia are arguing, and when Tess’s taxi doesn’t turn up Nadia reluctantly offers her a lift.

En route, the lost pair come across a burning woman, Kate, who runs out in front of their car. The pair battle to save the woman, however when Nadia notices her traumatised young daughter, Lauren, run off, she chases after her. Back at hospital, it is found that Kate set herself alight after learning of her husband, Aidan’s affair. Aidan who is already at the hospital after Kate threw a brick through a window, injuring his girlfriend, Liddy, is forced to make a decision about his future with Liddy and Lauren when Kate dies. Later Nadia, shocked by the evening’s events, heads off for a ‘private party’ with Stitch.

Meanwhile, Nathan’s getting increasingly drunk at the party and ends up publicly having a go at Selena for aborting his child. Angry Selena hits back by telling everyone he sleeps with prostitutes, and the party descends into chaos. When Nathan fails to reveal Kelsey’s ‘secret’, the two form a bond.

The revelations of Selena’s abortion prompt an argument between Cyd and Greg, reducing Cyd to tears.

A man, Si, is brought in from the streets thinking he is having a baby. He is diagnosed with severe constipation. He is discharged but later returns where he is found to be suffering an aortic aneurism.


* Liddy Green – head injury.

* Kate Devlin – dies from severe burns.

* Si Blake – aortic aneurism.

Notable Facts

* Geoffrey Hughes plays Si Blake.

* Cyd sings George Michael’s ‘Star People’ in the ambulance.

* ‘You’d look good in a bin liner! Why are you so fit?’ Kelsey asks Selena. She replies ‘Metabolism’. Kelsey says ‘Why don’t I have one of those?!’

* ‘Thank you Doctor’ a patient tells Abs. ‘It’s just Abs’ he says. Patient replies ‘Thank you Doctor Abs’.

* Wild Cherry ‘Play That Funky Music’, Donna Summer ‘I Feel Love’ and ‘Lady Marmalade’ plays at the party.

* ‘We both know there’s not a single person in this room who would piss on me if I was on fire, you included’ a sour-faced Nathan tells Selena.

* ‘I’m sure I’m not the only one here who she scares the living daylights out of!’ Stitch makes a speech on a missing Tess.

* Comparing staff to family members, Stitch says Maggie is ‘the bossy big sister’, Kelsey ‘the naughty one’, Cyd ‘the baby of the family who seems to have grown up rather quickly’ and ‘Uncle’ Nathan.

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