S23 E41

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S23 E41 (13 Jun 09) : Fight or Flight by Fiona Evans

Episode Summary

Ruth submits her application for the surgical training post and is on edge when Sarah Evans pops down to the Emergency Department to assess her performance.

Ruth’s nervousness increases when she is given tickets to a surgeons’ dinner that evening, and has to try to persuade Jay to go along as her date. When she plucks up the courage to ask him, Jay turns her down, only to change his mind later.

Near the end of the event, Jay flusters Ruth by introducing himself to Sarah as “Dr Faldren”. He has been a hit with everyone, and Sarah comments on his likeability. As they leave, Jay tries to convince Ruth to stay out with him. Going against her instinct, she rejects him, reminding him that he is just a nurse to her. As ever, she is left alone.

Elsewhere, Adam is concerned when he sees Zoe and Jordan becoming closer and tries to persuade Jordan to tell Zoe the truth about his illness. Jordan puts a note in Zoe’s pigeon-hole and thinks the deed is done, until he meets her later that evening and discovers that she hasn’t read it. He decides to put the task off for another day.Elsewhere, Jessica is missing Lucas and Amelia and, in a bid to get them back, phones Maureen and tells her Sean is Harry’s father.

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