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Cas Series

S23 E09

S23 E9 (1 Nov 08) : The Line of Fire by Michael Levine

Episode Summary

After surveying the charred remains of her house, Dixie decides to have it out with the Malones. At their flat, Dixie finds Sammy Malone in a bad way but as she rushes to help, Sammy’s brother Callum orders her to let Sammy die. As Dixie refuses and calls for back-up, she spots needle marks on Sammy’s arms and knows she’s been given an overdose of morphine.

As Sammy is brought into resus, Callum is seen by a cancer patient, Ronny, who has a history with the Malone brother. After Ronny launches at Callum wounding him with a scalpel, Dixie warns Callum that she knows he injected Sammy with morphine, and if he threatens her again she’ll tell his mother what he tried to do. Callum smugly tells her she already knows.

Elsewhere, Toby frustrates Nick Jordan after failing to diagnose a simple case of trapped wind but, impressed with Ruth, he asks her to perform a complicated surgical airway procedure on an asthmatic young boy, which shocks Adam. Jordan dismisses Adam’s concerns but once the treatment is complete, Tess tells Jordan he was taking a risk letting Ruth do it.

Also, Kelsey wonders where all the real men are. Later, when things get out of hand in the ED, Kelsey is impressed when Big Mac takes control of the situation, putting a man in an armlock.

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