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S24 E1 (12 Sep 09) : Dawn of the ED (Part One) by Daisy Coulam

Episode Summary

It is Adam’s first day as clinical lead and he’s determined to continue the legacy of success left by Jordan. Eight new juniors arrive and Adam jumps at the chance to do some team building. However, some recruits are more enthusiastic than others.

Eager to impress on their first day, the newcomers are keen to go on a call with Adam, but Heather is the one who secures her place. As they head out, Yuki, May and Lenny are left behind. In their eagerness to impress, they cause chaos and are ordered out.

Meanwhile, Adam and Heather arrive at a deserted shopping centre where they are directed to a woman named Ella by security guard Lee. Ella is trapped in an industrial-sized fan.

Adam, Heather, Ella and her boyfriend, Dans, are in more danger than they know. Mr Tweedie, the centre owner, believes the place is deserted and has set up an explosive device to destroy the building.

The team hears a rumble and a fireball engulfs them…

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