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Cas Series

S24 E27

S24 E27 (27 Feb 10) : Life Sentence by David Bowker

Episode Summary

A pleasure boat accident brings watery memories back to the surface for Adam; new F2 Keiron pushes his luck with the patients; and Zoe’s new admirer gets under Jordan’s skin.

Despite his colleagues’ concern, Adam volunteers to attend with the paramedics when a pleasure boat sinks on a river and, with memories of Jessica and Harry still fresh, dives into the water looking for casualties.

It’s Kieron’s first day and he’s desperate to impress Jordan. While dealing with a young diabetic patient who refuses anything other than synthetic insulin, Kieron takes a big risk by covertly administering a normal insulin dose to prevent the girl falling into a coma. Jordan is both furious and admiring. Kieron thinks he’s finally starting to make a connection with his clinical lead.

Scared of failure, Ruth is hesitant when she is put forward to assist on a new surgical trial but when she impresses her mentor, Howard Fairfax, she decides to pursue her surgical dream once more.

Meanwhile, Jordan overhears Matt’s persuasive advances towards a disbelieving Zoe; Alice thinks she’s made an emotional breakthrough with Adam when he admits that he is finally going to visit Harry’s grave for the first time; and Jeff makes a big announcement to a stunned reception and Dixie.

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