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Cas Series

S26 E17

S26 E17 (7 Jan 12) : Duty of Care by Paul Logue

Episode Summary

Filmed in HD for the very first time, Casualty welcomes in the New Year with a brand new emergency department, a huge chemical explosion and a dashing new doctor.

Following the fire which wreaked havoc in Holby, the lights are turned on to reveal the brand new, updated ED. Discussing the new facilities, Jordan and Charlie decide that today will be a prep day and that they’ll only treat minor cases. But they’re soon forced to change their plans when a huge traffic accident occurs on the dual carriageway and victims start to flood into Holby City.

Matters go from bad to worse when a related traffic accident causes a gas pipe to explode and a cloud of poisonous gas engulfs the town. The ED is at full stretch despite the efforts of dashing new paediatric doctor Tom who arrives by air ambulance. As tempers fray, a patient lashes out at Dylan but Sam restrains him with a physical head lock.

Will the brand new ED and staff cope with one of their most challenging days to date?

Notable Facts

* Marshall Lancaster plays Keith Parr.

* Clive Russell plays Jon Marston.

* Chloe Howman (Kelly in HolbyBlue) plays Leanne Forrester.

* Jan Graveson plays Kate Bennett.

* Richard Harrington (Luke in HolbyBlue) plays Chris Johnson.

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Screencaps : S26 E17

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