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Cas Series

26.18 Death and Doughnuts – 14/1/12

S26 E18 (14 Jan 12) : Death and Doughnuts by Steve Bailie

Episode Summary

It’s the day after the Silverton explosion and Jordan introduces Tom, who is formally joining the team. Tom soon finds he has a mystery on his hands when a family who were involved in the explosion end up back in the ED with unexplained injuries. But when the young son of the family is kidnapped, all becomes clear, and as the child faces extreme danger, trusty Big Mac is in the right place at the right time.

Dylan accuses Sam of interfering when her attempts to reunite a dying patient with his ex-wife go awry when it turns out that it was his former lover he actually wanted to see. But can Sam’s meddling actually have done some good after all?

And Jordan’s cool is uncharacteristically ruffled when he meets attractive young police chief DCI Rippon. Could there be romance in the air for Holby’s head honcho?

Notable Facts

* Clive Russell plays Jon Marston.

* Chloe Howman (Kelly in HolbyBlue) plays Leanne Forrester.

* Jan Graveson plays Kate Bennett.

* Richard Harrington (Luke in HolbyBlue) plays Chris Johnson.

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Screencaps : S26 E18

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