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Cas Series

26.19 Trust – 21/1/12

S26 E19 (21 Jan 12) : Trust by Rachel Flowerday

Episode Summary

Lloyd’s insistence on helping a patient inadvertently puts her in greater danger and Linda’s life is turned upside down when her drug addict sister and children turn up in Holby.

When a female patient turns up in the ED with broken ribs and no memory of who she is, Lloyd pushes the team to do all that they can to uncover her identity. But as Lloyd pieces the clues together, could he accidentally be delivering her back into a dangerous situation that she was trying to escape in the first place?

Meanwhile, Linda stops a young girl from stealing from the hospital shop and is shocked to discover it’s her niece, Britney. She’s even more horrified to learn that her sister, Denise, is on the run from the police with her two children. When Denise tells her that they need somewhere to stay, just until they get back on their feet, Linda relents, until she discovers that Denise is still using drugs.

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