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Cas Series

26.30 When the Gloves Come Off – 7/4/12

S26 E30 (7 Apr 12) : When the Gloves Come Off

Episode Summary

Casualty goes underground this week when Connie Fisher guest stars as a dog walker who becomes trapped in a cavern. Can Sam and Dylan stop arguing and pull off a daring subterranean rescue?

David and Amanda (Fisher) are out walking their dogs when the ground gives way and they become trapped in an underground cave system. Sam braves her fear of the dark to treat them but it soon becomes apparent that both are seriously injured and she needs support.

Help arrives in the form of Dylan but, as David confesses he has been too cowardly to ask Amanda out, Dylan and Sam start bickering about cowardice in their marriage. As both Amanda and David’s conditions deteriorate, can Sam and Dylan put aside their differences to save them?

With Linda bracing herself for family court, niece Britney comes into the ED and tries to get her into trouble by stealing from a patient. Can Zoe make Britney see that living with Linda might not be such a bad option?

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