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Cas Series

27.8 The Kindness of Strangers – 13/10/12

S27 E8 (13 Oct 12) : The Kindness of Strangers by Kelly Jones

Episode Summary

As Zoe struggles to come to terms with her new job as clinical lead, a disgruntled Big Mac gets back to work following his heart attack, while Dylan is forced to apologise.

Zoe tries to get used to the administrative side of her new role, but when a young girl (Ruby) is brought in to the ED following a car crash and covered in scars from old injuries, Zoe spots an opportunity to do what she loves and misses – treat patients. But as she rushes in to help, can she get to the bottom of Ruby’s injuries or does she miss a key clue?

Meanwhile, Big Mac returns to the ED despite protests from Noel and Louise. Irritated to find that the ED has carried on fine without him, he spots an opportunity to help a patient, but finds his good intentions questioned by Dylan.

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