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HC Past Series

3.25 I’m not in Love – 1/5/01

S3 E25 (1 May 01) : I’m not in Love by Leslie Stewart

Episode Summary

Victoria meets Alex in the car park as they arrive at work and they discuss her break up with Guy. She admits that Guy has a drugs problem. Unknown to them, Otter Ward patient Miranda Locke is watching them from an upstairs window. When Victoria arrives on Otter Ward, Janice informs her that Miranda’s CT scan was clear so she most probably suffered a migraine, therefore she can be discharged. Victoria says she will discharge her after carrying out an allergy test. Miranda is obviously very fond of Victoria and keeps complementing her looks and her skills as a doctor. This is no surprise to other staff on the ward as young patient Nathan Miles is also very taken by Victoria.

Kath drops off some shopping at Danny and Liam’s house before work but is kept on the doorstep. There is loud music blaring, girls inside and Danny is nursing a hangover. Danny walks to work with his mum and hands her his washing. She nags him about being in such a state every morning but he tells her that it’s none of her business because he’s independent now. Kath laughs and says she shouldn’t still be doing his washing then. Danny argues that it is good for her as it makes her feel like she hasn’t lost her son.

Cara Walker arrives at Holby, with her husband Max, for a varicose vein operation. Tash carries out a routine pre-operation examination on Cara and discovers a lump on her breast. Cara admits that she noticed it a while ago but was too scared to do anything about it. She has lost her mum and sister to breast cancer so knows what to expect from it. Tash refers her to Mike Barratt who tells Cara she should have known to take action immediately because of her family history. Cara is very hostile and argues that doctors smoke and drink even though it’s bad for them. After tests it is confirmed that Cara has invasive cancer and Mike strongly suggests surgery, straight away. Cara is still lashing out at Mike and Max, quoting facts that she already knows about breast cancer due to her mum and sister.

Jasmine admits to Julie that she is jealous of Steve going home to his wife and not her. Jasmine meets Steve after work and they are almost caught together by Sandy. Mike is holding a charity dance to raise money for cancer awareness that night, and the two of them attend it together. [ID 572]Sam[/ID] is also keen to buy tickets, telling Alex that she has a spare ticket for him. He seems reluctant to go but tells her he will see her there; he doesn’t turn up. Mike makes a moving speech about how fear and cancer are related, inspired by Cara.

After harassing her at work, Victoria agrees to meet up with Guy in a quiet room. He tells her that he can’t handle losing her because he still loves her. She insists that she never wants to see him again. He becomes aggressive and accuses her of having an affair with Alex. Victoria later gives him an ultimatum; admit his drug problem or she will report him herself, tomorrow. She returns to speak to Miranda, who tells her that she doesn’t want to go home. She shows her some cuts on her arm, claiming to have inflicted them upon herself. Janice is angry with Victoria for not discharging Miranda as instructed but Victoria tells her about the cuts. Miranda tells Janice that she obtained the cuts by falling through a window at school, and says that her dad will confirm the story. Victoria is angry with Miranda for lying, and Miranda becomes agitated with Victoria. Miranda steals Victoria’s purse so that she knows where she lives, before her dad comes to collect her.

Just as Victoria is leaving work, Janice calls her into her office. She doesn’t feel that Victoria is getting on well on Otter Ward and gives her a formal warning. Victoria storms off and meets Alex in the lift. They have words, witnessed by Sandy, but Alex invites her out for a drink so that they can talk. Victoria realises that her purse has been stolen but her and Alex go back to her house for a takeaway; Guy follows them. Alex and Victoria end up sleeping together, but they don’t know that Miranda is also outside the flat, spying on Victoria.


* Miranda Locke – Patient on Otter Ward, suffering from migraines.

* Nathan Miles – Young boy with a skin condition.

* Cara Walker – Needs a varicose vein operation but discovers she has breast cancer.

First Scene/ words

Victoria is in the shower to the music of ‘Wake up it’s a beautiful morning. She leaves her flat and finds a bunch of roses on the doorstep from Guy. She gives them to a passing road sweeper.

Victoria : Take these, give them to your girlfriend. Hope you have a lovely day

Cleaner : Oh, thank you very much

Victoria gets in her car.

Cleaner : Have a nice day

Last Scene/ words

Alex and Victoria are in bed together. In the background plays ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’ by Toploader.Camera moves to outside Victoria’s flat where Miranda is standing.


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