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Cas Series

3.05 Burn Out – 7/10/88

S3 E5 (7 Oct 88) : Burn Out by Jeremy Brock

Episode Summary

Shirley has problems at home, she gets annoyed with Keith’s permanent happy outlook. Nurse Alison is off sick.

Megan’s school teacher friend, Patty, is brought in with septic shock, from the facial plastic surgery she received after being attacked by pupils.

A young pregnant squatter, Cindy, is in labour. Keith and Shirley deliver her baby girl in the ambulance. Cindy says she doesn’t want her.

Ewart has approached General Manager, Major Franklin, behind Valerie’s back, and wins back the Observation ward. Valerie is annoyed at him for going over her head.

Tony Price, a junkie, comes in, wanting clean needles. David reluctantly gives them and tries to advise him.

And a man comes in with an infected thumb, he is annoyed at the service he is getting. Megan, who has been heading towards crisis, shouts at him and breaks down. Ewart takes her to his office, where she tells him her troubles – Ewart comforts her. He then visits his beloved Observation ward, while there he collapses with a second heart attack. Megan finds him and attempts mouth to mouth. The CRASH team are called up, but all efforts fail, Ewart dies.


* Patty Freeman – school teacher, David diagnoses septicemia from her facial plastic surgery, which she had a week ago, after being thrown out of a window by pupils.

* Cindy – pregnant squatter, delivers a baby girl in the ambulance.

* Tony Price – regular junkie comes in for clean needles.

* Man – with infected thumb, complains about poor service.

* Mr Clark – fractured leg.

* Old women in Obs ward – witnesses Ewart’s heart attack.

First Scene/words

School, teacher walking, whistling. Patty tries to get into car.

Boy Kevin : Welcome back, Miss.

(Patty arrives home)

Husband Jerry: Hail fair maiden! What happened?

Patty : Turn the music off!

Last Scene/words

Women doctor : No ascistily (Megan looks over, doctor shakes her head, she goes back to elderly patient in Obs ward) Atropine, 360 again.. ok standby.. come on Ewart!

Megan: (comforting patient, stroking her hair) It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright..

Notable Facts

* Patty works at Garth Comprehensive School. Her husband is a journalist, Jerry. She had plastic surgery done privately by Dr Beecham.

* Megan lives at Flat No. 130.

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