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HC Past Series

S4 E17

S4 E17 (29 Jan 02) : Life Goes On by Anji Loman Field

Episode Summary

On a night out with Liam and Danny, Sandy dances with a handsome stranger, Ben, whom she is delighted to learn is starting work tomorrow as a junior midwife at the hospital.

Meanwhile, Danny confides to Liam about his father’s violent behaviour. In sombre mood, the boys escort an elated Sandy home, who just misses the sight of her new beau greeting his boyfriend John with a passionate kiss.

The following morning at Holby City, Ben is thrown straight in at the deep end. Marion is in labour and hasn’t been able to get hold of her unreliable husband. Ben is in for a shock when he arrives – it is hislover, John. Ben finishes his shift and the relationship, then goes to drown his sorrows with an unsuspecting Sandy.

One of Tash’s patients, Ray, has been readmitted to hospital. He had previously been diagnosed with colonic cancer but had never returned for treatment, nor told his wife, Suzanne. Unaware of this, Tash updates a distraught Suzanne and tells Ray that he needs immediate surgery. Ric leads the operation but it is too late to save Ray’s life. Suzanne (37 weeks pregnant) begs for an emergency caesarian to let husband Ray see his new-born child before he dies.

Owen learns from his daughter that his ex-wife is taking her to live in Sydney.

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