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HC Past Series

S4 E34

S4 E34 (28 May 02) : Coming Home by Marc Peirson

Episode Summary

It’s the day of Jess’ abortion, although it’s evident that she is still having doubts about it, and to make matters worse Alex is late in arriving at the clinic. “I was beginning to think you’d changed your mind”, she greets him enthusiastically when he does finally meet her, hoping he’s changed his mind about not wanting the baby. She reminds him that it’s her dad’s birthday; she will be reminded of this day every year. Alex disappoints her by confirming that he’s only there to support her, not to talk her out of it, and so Jess goes through with the termination. Afterwards she is very upset and tells Alex that she feels ashamed. Alex says he’s sorry. Jess gets changed and leaves immediately, even though she’s in pain.

Jess returns to Holby, telling Sam that she just wants to see her dad (who thinks she’s shopping for his birthday present, not having an abortion). Sam tells Jess she should be resting, Jess admits that she is very tired. Alex tells Sam that he feels terrible because he does want children one day. Sam reassures him that it was the right thing to do and that at the end of the day, it was Jess’ decision. Sam then goes to check on Jess, who cries on her shoulder and thanks her for being a good friend. We see a two-faced Sam as she tells Jess that it was the right thing to do as Alex told her he never wants children.

That evening, while Sam and Jess are in the toilets doing their make-up, Jess feels pain in her stomach and passes out. Sam gets Alex, who takes Jess straight to Owen in the maternity department. Owen advises Alex to let Ric know, even though Jess hadn’t told him she was pregnant. Ric is enjoying a birthday drink with Sandy and Chrissie, blissfully unaware that his daughter is about to undergo surgery for a tear in her uterus, which is causing internal bleeding. When Alex does eventually inform Ric, he is grateful at first because he took care of her and took her to Owen, but when he discovers that Jess has had an abortion, with Alex’s baby, he is furious. He lashes out at Alex, shouting and punching him. Sam stops him and Ric then focuses his anger on her, demanding that she should have told him. Sam wanders off to find Alex and it appears that she still has feelings for him; “I’m here if you need me”, she tells him. The operation is successful and Ric comforts Jess when she comes out of theatre.

Another patient on the maternity ward is sixteen-year old Kirsty Woods. She has diabetes and because she hasn’t been monitoring it, it is causing pressure on her abdomen. Mubbs tells her that if she doesn’t improve within the next 48 hours, they will induce her labour. Lisa comments on how attentive Kirsty’s boyfriend, Lenny, is. Kirsty admits he’s been great even though they have only been together for nine months. Despite Lisa’s advice, Kirsty refuses to phone her mum, claiming that she disapproves of the situation; Lenny’s father is her fiancé. However, her mother does turn up with Lenny’s dad, Harry, who Lisa finds to be a bit of a flirt. Kirsty suddenly goes into labour but won’t allow any of her family to be at the birth. She gives birth to a healthy baby girl and the family return to visit briefly. Kirsty asks Lisa to bring Harry back in, and Lisa realises that Harry is in fact the baby’s father. After speaking to Lisa, Kirsty confesses to Lenny, who heads outside and fights with his dad. When she finds out the truth, Kirsty’s mum tells her that she hates her but Lisa convinces her that she can be forgiven; Kirsty’s mum goes back to take care of Kirsty and the baby.

Another patient at Holby is sixty-seven year old Bill Hoskins. He is recovering from surgery to fix a colon blockage but he is also suffering from severe arthritis in his hands. He has made friends with fellow patient, Dorothy, who listens to him moaning about how much he misses his dead wife and how he should have been the first to die. Dorothy is very positive and reminds him that at least he has his daughter to take care of him, like she has her son. Mr Hoskins isn’t happy with his daughter as she wants to sell his house. He takes an overdose so that he doesn’t have to go home but he survives and has a proper chat to his daughter. He admits that he doesn’t want to go home and she invites him to live with her and her family. Before he leaves, he goes to say goodbye to Dorothy but she’s gone. Kath informs him that she has cancer so has moved to a hospice. Bill is shocked, he didn’t know she was so ill and asks if her son is taking care of her. Kath reveals that Dorothy’s son was killed in the Falklands war so she is alone but she didn’t want him to know that because she didn’t want him feeling sorry for her.


* Kristy Woods – Pregnant 16 year old, also suffering from diabetes.

* Bill Hoskins – Recovering from surgery on his colon.

* Dorothy – Cancer patient.

* Jess Griffin – Complications after an abortion result in a tear in her uterus.

First Scene/ words

(Ric is in shot, the camera moves to Jess and Alex who are talking in the room next door).

Jess : What time are you going to get to the clinic then?

Alex : As soon as I can, I’ve just got two more patients to see

Jess : I don’t want to go through this on my own Alex

Alex : I will be there, trust me (Enter Ric).

Ric (to Jess) : There you are

Alex (to Jess) : Listen, I better get on. I’ll see you later (Alex leaves).

Ric : Was it something I said?

Jess : What’s up?

Ric : Look, I know we’re having drinks in the bar tonight but it’s my birthday and I want to spend some quality time with my favourite daughter. Are you free for lunch?

Jess : I can’t dad

Ric : Oh?

Jess : Gotta go to the dentist

Ric : Nothing serious?

Jess : Just a check up. See you later though (She kisses him on the cheek and leaves the room).

Last Scene/ words

(Jess is in a hospital bed, Ric sits beside her).

Ric : How are you feeling?

Jess : A little bit stupid. A little bit scared

Ric : You’ll be all right now

Jess : I wish it were that easy

Ric : I wish you’d come to me, talked to me

Jess : I couldn’t dad, I’m sorry

Ric : Don’t be, none of this is your fault. When you’re feeling better you can come home with me and recuperate. You’ll have the best medical care in the country

Jess : No dad. I’ve got to get out of here, I’m going to go and stay at mum’s for a while. I need to get away from this place, from work, from everything

Ric : I’ve really let you down haven’t I?

Jess : No, no you haven’t

Ric : Well, if that’s what you want

Jess : It is. Where’s Sam?

Ric: Never mind her. Can’t an old man get a hug on his birthday? (They hug).


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