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HC Past Series

S4 E04

S4 E4 (30 Oct 01) : Things Can Only Get Better by Joe Fraser

Episode Summary

Janice is delighted to discover that her IVF treatment has been successful and that she’s pregnant. However, she hadn’t counted on being forced into announcing it and certainly not at the dinner party in her house. But when Chrissie asks, ‘So Janice, how’s the IVF treatment going?’, Janice can do little to stop herself pointedly looking at Alistair before telling the table her news. Janice realises that Alistair has told Chrissie about this personal side of her life.

Thrown by seeing former lover and colleague Owen at the dinner party, Chrissie uses her IVF blunder to soundd Janice out the next day. Explaining that she and Owen had a messy break up, ‘I was hoping to make a fresh start.. and now he’s here,’ Chrissie gets the reassurance that she was looking for when Janice tells her, ‘He’s never said anything to me and I certainly won’t say anything. So what’s there to worry about?’

Showing that he does have feeling for Sam after all, Alex asks her at the dinner party, ‘What’s going on? One minute you’re practically undressing Owen downstairs, the next you’re up here…’

Meyer faces his first big challenge since returning to work following his road rage attack. To add to his pressure, Pat has been waiting over a year for her heart operation and the case is surrounded by considerable media attention. Meyer performs his usual magic and Pat survives the operation. After the operation, Alex decides to make his move and kisses Sam in the locker room. ‘I don’t know where that came from, he admits. Sam’s beaming smile after he kisses her reveals that her feelings for him have far from abated and that perhaps her patience will pay off.

Gaining courage from Steve, Keri confronts Liam about the evening of Sandy’s birthday. Liam is amazed and devestated to hear Keri’s version of events, ‘I’m saying you carried on after I said no. I’m saying that you raped me,’ and it’s clear that their relationshipwill be permenantly damaged.


Gavin Drew has fallen from ladder, because his father lost the grip. His father is behaving strangely otherwise too and in the end he reveals that his mother had Huntington’s and he agrees to be tested to find out if he has got it too.

Pat Jackson has come in for bypass that she has been waiting for for a long time and they have managed to jump the queue after telling the press about it.

Tony Gadd needs to have parts of his bowels removed, which means he might lose his work in the army. He is upset but is trying to cover it by joking about Liam being gay.

First Scene/words

[Janice is cooking in her kitchen with Coldplay’s ‘Yellow’ playing in the background. Between cooking she reapplies some lipstick.]

Last Scene/words

[Liam packs his bag and gets ready to go home from work, but on the way he pops in to visit Tony Gadd]

Tony: Hey… Spread the word: freelance engineerer, good at bridges.

Liam: Yeah, sure.

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