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HC Past Series

S4 E46

S4 E46 (20 Aug 02) : Pawns in the Game by Julia Weston

Episode Summary

As the press surround the hospital, the investigative board calls in Alex and Meyer. Alistair is supposed to be covering Anton’s operations, but when Alistair is absent, Alex calls upon Anton to assist in operating on a boy, Joey Simons, in an emergency, despite the risk to Anton’s career. The board’s conclusions exonerate Anton, but place a restriction on his future work that he finds insufferable, and resigns to head a team in Michigan developing an artificial heart, making Alex an offer he can’t refuse.

Owen throws a house-warming party, where he asks Chrissie to move in too, but she is too unsure to agree. Diane pulls Danny and Lisa pulls Mubbs. With the Consultant Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon position now fallen vacant, Tom Campbell-Gore decides to apply.

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