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HC Past Series

S5 E10

s5e10S5 E10 (10 Dec 02) : Leopard Spots by Simon J Ashford

Episode Summary

Terry’s lying on Keller while he has some cancer tests. Kath stays loyally by his side, and he asks her to marry him. She says ‘Yes please’ and kisses him sweetly on the nose. But will their Christmas be a happy one?

Tom’s having family difficulties too, when his brother Martin shows up. He’s wearing a suit and looking very smart, and tells Tom that he’s off to Thailand. Tom searches Marti’s bag, and finds a bag full of cash. He takes the cash and says its only half of what he owes him. Marti says he needs his money, but Tom’s adament that he’ll keep it. The two part and shake hands.

Meanwhile, Ric goes to see Terry and lets him know the cancer has spread. He gives him only a couple of months. Ric promises Terry that he won’t tell Kath or Lisa, if Terry doesn’t want him to. Ric is tactful with Kath, but another doctor is less so and tells kath he won’t even make it until Christmas. Kath runs to the toilets where she starts to cry, when Lisa comes in. Lisa rushes to Terry who tells her the truth.

Ed is very conscious that Marty’s in Holby, he realises the possible affect it could have on his career. After an operation, Tom and Ed are greeted by the police. Tom sends Ed to get rid of Martin, while Tom gets rid of the police. They want to speak to Marty as supposedly he’s been selling faulty drugs which have resulted in someone’s death. Tom says that the last thing he knew, Marty was in Scotland.

Kath finds Terry, and he says that he can’t marry her because he doesn’t want to cause her any pain. He speaks to Lisa and tells her he’s dying, and he asks her to move him to another ward so he doesn’t have to see Kath. However, she finds him and is upset that he’s gone without talking to her. She says that she accepts that things aren’t going to be different but all she wants to do is spend time with him. They admit how much they love each other, and tell Lisa that the wedding is back on.

Tom meets Marty on the roof and after a verbal fight, punches him. He finds out that Marty knew that the drugs were impure and is disgusted that he sold them anyway. Marty wants his money back, but Tom refuses – giving it instead to hospital charity. Marty threatens to tell the police about Tom’s illegeal operation, but Tom calls the police anyway, anonymously. He tells them about where Marty is, and as him and Ed leave, they see him being arrested. Is he really out of Tom’s life for ever now?


– Jo Webber having taken an impure ecstasy tablet. Her 14 year old daughter is tired of looking after her antics, and wants to leave her and find another home, but after her mum goes into cardiac arrest – is forced to accept it and decides to stay with her mum.

– Bob who is in for a leg operation, which because he left it late, means that it is high risk. He dies, leaving his wife Jill praying for time – prompting Kath to address her issues with Terry.

– Mary Jenkins has triplets, but unfortunately one dies of respiratory diseases.

– Terry Fox


First Scene/words

[Jess and Ed are taking a patient to the wards from A&E]

Ed: Careful, coming through! How’s the blood pressure?

Jess: Seventy over thirty.

Ed: Did you manage to get hold of Mr Campbell-Gore?

Jess: Yes, he’s on his way.

Last Scene/words

[Ed and Tom are driving home from work and they pass by Marty, who is being taken to a police car]

Ed: That’s Marty… He still knows enough to get us the boot. What if he shops us?

Tom: He won’t. I think we’ve seen the last of Marty.

Guide by Sophs & Karin.

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