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HC Past Series

S5 E14

s5e14S5 E14 (7 Jan 03) : Hair of the Dog by Simon Ashdown

Episode Summary

Sandy and Danny are at a party for Sean’s friends. Danny’s not having a good idea, and leaves while Sandy promises she’ll be alright. Sean’s friend Johnny is hassling him for money, and says that he’ll give him a ‘down payment’ and the pair look at sandy. Sean puts a white powder into Sandy’s cocktail, and she starts feeling the affects quite quickly. Johnny kisses her and offers to take her upstairs and looks after him, but Sandy’s shocked when she wakes up in his bed with Sean alseep on the sofa.

On Darwin, Tom’s concentration is slipping and Ed looks concerned. Tom is finding it hard to resist drinking a bottle of vodka, but does so for now. Ed tells Chrissie he doesn’t want her to keep the baby. Chrissie reprimands Sandy for being late, and she later confides in Danny that she thinks she slept with Johnny.Despite Danny’s protests, Lisa’s at work – but she’s clearly thinking about her dad. Kath’s mourning also, and when Danny rings she listens to Terry’s answer phone message – and refuses to pick-up. Lisa tells Danny she feels guilty for sleeping with him while her dad was dying.

Tom tries to resuscitate a patient who he’s been treating since he was born, but fails to revive him. He goes back into his office and begins to drink. He is later performing surgery using a new technique involving using a robotic arm. He begins sweating in theatre and calls for a break. Ed follows him to the toilets and accuses him of being drunk. Tom denies anything, but Ed searches Tom and a half-empty bottle goes crashing to the floor. Ed says he won’t let Tom operate drunk, but Tom says that he’s the only person around that can do the operation and he must go back. Thankfully, the operation goes okay.

Mubbs is worried about Lisa, and asks her what’s wrong – but she won’t tell him. After work, she’s go to see Kath and they comfort each other and cry. Kath leaves Lisa asleep on the sofa and goes to church where she begs for forgiveness, saying it wasn’t murder.

Tom goes back to his office where he finds Ed already there, and a lot of emptied vodka bottles. Ed says that he’s going to sort Tom out, and hands him some pills. Tom says that he can’t see a way out and begins to sob.



– Karl Denton, a man in his twenties with pulmonary atresia, who does not want to get better, Tom tries to save him but he dies

– Tina Hollis, a woman who previous has had cancer, which complicated things when she gives birth to a little girl, who has some heart problems

– Clive Pullen, has a problem with an artery and has to have surgery

First Scene/words

[Tom and Ed are ready to start an operation]

Tom: Karl Denton. A patient of mine on Queen’s.

Ed: Pulmonary atresia

Last Scene/words

Ed: And you cancel your list for next week, just tell your secretary you’ve got a virus or something. We can keep this between ourselves.

Tom: I….. I just don’t think I make it through tomorrow.

Ed: You’ll make it, you’ll make it.

[Ed hugs Tom, who is crying. Ed leaves Tom alone and Tom takes a pill.]

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